Factors to Consider When Choosing Internet For Online Gaming

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All the speculations regarding the new PlayStation and Xbox are finally over ever since the consoles were revealed. Welcome to the new generation of console gaming. Both these rivals have clearly redefined the world of gaming. We are about to witness a great shift from the current generation of gaming to a new dimension that looks so promising. Both consoles are set to enter the consumer market in the holiday season and things are getting even more exciting. The exclusives are teased over and over again to sway customers away. Nevertheless, we have to wait until the holiday season.

With this influx in console gaming, we have seen a growing trend toward online multiplayer games. Games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Fornite has massive audiences, and users make use of resources like this article to learn about how best to play the games in order to increase their chances of winning. Therefore, no matter what console you are on, gaming is incomplete without these games.

However, these games require a rapid and quick response from the server. Many people experience a significant delay in response from the server due to their slow internet connection. The problem can be sorted by signing up for a better internet connection yet people face a lot of difficulty in doing so. Internet speeds can get confusing especially when there are multiple people in your home using the internet simultaneously.

Therefore, to help you find the perfect speed for gaming, we came up with a comprehensive guide on the internet speed you need for online gaming.

Many internet service providers have already addressed the issue gamers face online. For example, Spectrum packages have a special add-on for gamers that gives them a better response from the gaming server.

Nevertheless, we do feel that everyone should have an understanding of some basic terms or factors before signing up for an internet service provider.

Let’s start with download speeds:

Download speed

This is a commonly used term in the world of the internet. It is the time that data takes from a server to reach your network. This speed is important for all activities involving the internet. You may call it the bottleneck of your presence online. If your connection has a lower download speed, you are likely to experience problems while doing your normal activities online. The gamer will suffer equally as the game will not be able to get a rapid response from the service which will result in internet lag. The minimum speed you need for gaming is 3Mbps. However, the download speed varies according to the type of console you have.


Latency is another factor that affects online gaming. It is arguably the most important factor involved in an ideal gaming experience. It is more commonly referred to as ping. It is crucial to understand that your broadband speed is just raw bandwidth. While online gaming requires a quick response, mere bandwidth will not be enough. Lower latency is required which means your data must take less time to reach the server. However, when you are signing up for any internet provider, you do not get ping rates. This is not a fixed value and fluctuates based on the bandwidth available.

Upload Speed

An average user spends more time downloading files than uploading. Therefore, the download speeds are always greater than the upload. However, for online gaming, people always undermine the importance of upload speed. It is the time information takes to reach the server from your system. Therefore, investing in a higher upload speed is important, as online games require constant uploading to the server.

Internet Speed requirements for gaming by system

Before we delve into the best internet speeds for online gaming, it is crucial to understand that the requirements vary from platform to platform. Therefore, it is better to categorize the internet speeds through their respective platform.

PC Gaming: PC Gamers spend more than hundreds of dollars into making the perfect system for online gaming. They have to put attention to detail. Every single piece of the PC is customized and put together to form a great machine. Therefore, PC gamers need enough speed to power the system and play online without any hurdles. If you are gaming on a PC, you need a minimum of 10 Mbps. If there are multiple users in the house, you can multiply 10 by the number of users. The product will then speed you will need for a lag-free gaming experience. For a reduced latency on such a connection, an Ethernet wire will help. An ideal latency for online gaming lies somewhere around 100ms.

PlayStation: Since PlayStation users will be gearing up for the new PS5, they should start by getting a faster internet connection. Therefore, if you even have a PS4, you need a minimum of 15 Mbps to power your online gaming. The rule is the same for the console. If there are multiple users, the internet speed should be higher. Moreover, latency in the region of 150ms is fine for online gaming.

Xbox: Just like the PlayStation, Xbox fans are drooling over their new generation console. The launch is due during the holiday season. For powering your Xbox and online gaming, the speed requirements are the same as PlayStation. A connection of 15 Mbps is more than enough for gaming online. Multiple users will need a bigger download speed. The latency should be close to 150ms. Therefore, it is better to get a connection with the highest possible speed to power the new Halo.

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