Types Of Man Shoes

5 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own

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Types Of Man Shoes

Knowing the best shoes for men can be a challenge. Every man is different and every situation we find ourselves in demands a different choice of footwear.

Having a small collection of essential shoes can ensure you’ve always got the right pair for the job. These 5 types of shoes every man should own will see you through almost any scenario.


A pair of comfortable loafers need to be included in every man’s shoe collection. These slip-on shoes started life as glorified slippers but over time have evolved to be so much more.

 They’re available in a wide range of styles from sleek black dress models to comfortable suede driving loafers. You’ll find a pair for almost any occasion.

Loafers aren’t the most durable of shoes though. You’ll need to spend some time looking after them if you want them to last!


Good quality sneakers are a must-have for all men.

They’re comfortable, can be worn casually or smartened up with nice trousers and a jacket. And they’re available in a vast range of styles.

They go with almost any outfit – even a full suit if you’re that way inclined. A subtle pair of white sneakers are almost timeless but darker colours have their place in your shoe closet too.

In an ideal world, you’ll want a casual pair for running errands and a smarter pair for going out or meeting friends.

Leather Boots

Leather boots have always oozed cool vibes. They complement a rugged look and match up nicely with a neatly trimmed style. They’re durable and ultra-comfortable when broken in – the break-in process can be rough on your feet though!

When it comes to offering protection, leather boots are the finest shoes on our list. They deliver exceptional ankle support and the robust leather keeps your feet safe from hazards. They’re also good insulators so make perfect shoes for the colder months.

Our favourite thing about leather boots is that every pair tells a story. They can last decades if looked after properly which means every well-worn pair is covered in unique lines, marks, and scuffs.


The Oxford shoe. Even the name carries some weight. Oxfords are the go-to men’s shoes for smart or dressy occasions. They’re defined by their closed lace system and come in different styles depending on personal preference and occasion. Here are just a few:

  • Cap Toe Oxford: Probably the most common style of Oxford shoe, the Cap Toe Oxford is made from several pieces of leather that are stitched together. They’re named for the extra piece of leather that goes over the toes – the toe tap. They’re the go-to option for suave businessmen and can double up as an evening shoe. Be aware though, Cap Toe Oxford shoes aren’t considered formal enough for black tie events.
  • Wingtip Oxford: Wingtip Oxford shoes are similar to Cap Toes but with a bit more flair. They’re often referred to as Brogues but are technically still Oxfords. The toe cap extends along each side of the shoe, creating an “M” or “W” shape depending on which direction it’s seen from. Generally, Wingtip shoes are considered less classy than Cap Toe Oxfords so should be worn in more casual settings.
  • One Piece Oxford: One Piece or Wholecut, Oxford shoes are made from a single piece of leather, as opposed to individual parts stitched together. The skill and workmanship involved in making One Piece Oxford shoes mean they’re rare and expensive.
  • Plain Toe Oxford: Made up of just the vamp and quarter, Plain Toe Oxford shoes have no toe cap and no brogue styling. They’re considered very formally and can be worn with a black-tie.

You don’t generally need more than one pair of Oxford shoes in your collection. But those of you visiting a lot of black-tie events will probably want a couple of pairs to ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

Athletic Shoes

Running shoes, trainers, or specific workout shoes all fit into this category.

It’s hard enough to stay in shape without having to worry about how your feet feel. Trying to exercise without the right shoes is foolish. It can cause discomfort, injury, and even a long-term aversion to exercise.

Having a suitable pair of athletic shoes is a must for all men. They’ll not only keep you safe while working out but can also make your regime more efficient!

You won’t be seen wearing athletic shoes very often so focus on practicality and comfort over anything else.

Final Thoughts On The 5 Types of Shoes Every Man Should Own

A decked-out shoe closet will keep your look fresh and suitable for any occasion. Whether it’s using your leather boots in the garden or Oxfords for a swanky night on the town, you won’t go far wrong with these 5 best shoes for men!

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