How to Stop Losing Socks in Wash

Stop Losing Socks in Wash

I think we can all agree. It’s life’s greatest mystery; losing socks in the wash.

 All you do is put on a load of washing, throw in a few socks and before you know it you’ve only got one odd sock to your name. Figuring out where these socks go seems almost impossible and whilst there are various different uses for those orphan socks, if you want to keep the rest of your socks paired up, make sure to read on below.

 We’ve put together a guide as to how you can stop losing socks in the wash.

Why Do Socks Get Lost in the Washing Machine?

Mechanically speaking, it is actually possible for your washing machine to ‘eat’ your socks as such. This is because both top-loading and front-loading washers can allow socks to exit the drum and get trapped in the areas not typically visible or accessible by you. 

If you use a front-loader washing machine, your socks may get lodged just underneath the rubber water seal. Whereas in top-loader washing machines, a sneaky sock could drift into the crevices between the inner and outer drum when the machine is overloaded, then get snagged into the water drain or pump.

How to Stop Losing Your Socks

Pair them Together

It’s very likely that you have lots of little clips lying around the house, and worst case if you don’t, they are very in-expensive. 

These small clips will keep your pairs of socks together before you wear them and then when you take them off at the end of the day simply clip them back together and toss them in the laundry. 

Therefore, you’ll keep your pairs of socks together even after each laundry load.

Safety Pin Them

If you find that clipping your socks together doesn’t work, then you may need to take it a step further. 

Simply use safety pins in the same way as you would with a clip and when you put them in the wash it will be very unlikely that they get separated. 

What’s more, a nice bonus of using safety pins is that you can just clip them into the inside of your sock whilst you are wearing them, so you won’t lose them either!

Use a Net Bag

Looking for an alternative to clipping and pinning your pairs of socks together? After you wear a pair of socks, simply put them into a mesh laundry bag. Then, when it’s time to wash them, simply zip the bag, wash them in it and say goodbye to lost socks.

Roll Them up Together

If you’re not wanting to clip your socks together, you’ll need a way to keep them together after washing.

 A great way to do is, is rolling them together! Therefore they’ll stay together in your dresser. 

We hope the above has helped to shine some light on one of life’s biggest mysteries, the lost sock in the washing machines Leicester.

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