6 Best Exercises to Treat Trigger Finger Pain

Trigger finger is a condition which causes stiffness and pain in the fingers. People suffering from it find it hard to close their fingers to make a fist or loosen them subsequently. Majorly, it affects the ring finger and the thumb, while others fingers are partially affected as well.Exercises Treat Trigger Finger Pain

Tendons are tough bands of tissue that connect muscles and bones together. It is the muscles and tendons that allow flexibility in the hand. Trigger Finger is caused due to inflammation in the tendons of your fingers.

Causes of Trigger Finger

Repetitive strong gripping for long periods is known to cause this problem. Otherwise patients of rheumatoid arthritis, gout and diabetes might even face its complications. There are, however, a large number of cases in which the cause is unknown.

Exercises for Trigger Finger

Finger LiftsFinger Lifts exercise

Repetitive grasping movements that come as occupational hazards – driving, playing tennis, etc. are one of the major factors for this disease. Finger lift is a very simple yet very helpful exercises for trigger finger. It stretches the affected muscles and tendons. Improved flexibility in the fingers eliminates the pain caused by extended use of fingers.

Lay your hand palm down on a flat solid surface and use your other hand to lift a finger slowly in the opposite direction. Keep the other fingers on the table and lift the finger as much as you can for a few seconds and then relax. Repeat a few times and do it for each finger.

Finger Thumb Circle Stretch/‘O’ Exercise

This trigger finger exercise involves a hand gesture that we use quite often. All you have to do is bring the tip of your affected finger and touch it with the tip of your thumb to create an ‘O’ shape. Then straighten the hand and repeat the same 10 times. Next, do the same with the other fingers.

Ball GraspBall Grasp exercise

This resembles holding a ball and grasping it tight. You may use a paper ball, tennis ball, pressure ball, or a towel. Just grab the ball or towel with your hand and squeeze it for five seconds. Apply as much pressure as you can and let go gradually. Repeat the exercise at least five times.

Finger SpreadFinger Spread exercise

Spreading your fingers wide and then drawing them together and repeating the process can also help you with Trigger Fingers exercise. Bring your fingers and thumb together facing upwards. Put a rubber band around them and stretch your fingers and thumb apart till you feel the resistance of the band. Hold for a few seconds before relaxing the muscles. It stretches the muscles and restores mobility in your hand.

Fingers to Palm StretchFingers to Palm Stretch

Open your fingers fully and then bring them all together towards the base your palm. Squeeze tight for a few seconds and then assume original position. Repeat the process several times. This exercise will stretch the whole palm.

The ‘V’ StretchThe ‘V’ Stretch exercise

Hold your affected finger alongside another one and push them as far apart as you can to form a ‘V’ shape. You can assist yourself with your other hand. However, make sure to not spread them as far apart that they start hurting. Repeat the same with all the affected fingers a few times.

Does Trigger Finger Cure Without Treatment?

As such, there is no treatment for it. Whenever left untreated, trigger finger can turn into a permanent problem. In extreme cases, the affected finger or thumb might end up stuck in one position making everyday tasks increasingly troublesome. In any case, trigger finger is treatable with the previously mentioned exercises for trigger finger.

Can Trigger Finger be Treated naturally?

There are various home remedies that you can employ to mitigate the pain and even cure the inflexibility. Some drugs, hot and cold treatment, wearing a trigger finger support, and stretches help treat it naturally.

How does trigger finger begin?

Trigger finger is caused due to repetitive grasping movements for long periods. It might be witnessed as a side effect of rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and gout as well.

What if a trigger finger is not treated?

If it isn’t dealt with, the affected finger or thumb may be stuck in the position forever.

Does trigger finger affect suddenly?

Signs and effects of trigger finger may manifest themselves gradually. Stiff fingers, especially in the morning is a common symptom. A finger getting stuck in a bent position and popping straight is also a sign. While doing all these exercises, you may massage the joints or the affected fingers. Massaging improves the circulation the blood flow to ease inflammation around the finger. Therefore, massage your hand for a couple minutes daily before and after exercising.

Most physical ailments can be avoided by exercising daily and a healthy diet. Your occupation might warrant certain movements that might affect your fingers, but you can do these exercises to avoid the possibility of contracting the complication. If you feel any of the symptoms, you should consult your coach or a doctor as soon as possible. If you follow an unhealthy routine, join a gym or a fitness center to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. If a gym membership doesn’t work for you, you may get a FITPASS membership that gives you access to thousands of gyms and fitness centers across India. These gyms and fitness centers do not restrict you to a particular type of workout, thereby giving you the freedom to stay in shape as you like. Several fitness centers also offer supplementary wellness services such as physiotherapy, which can help you with Trigger Finger.

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