Stress Affects Brain Heart Functions

How Stress Affects Brain and Heart Functions in Men

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Stress Affects Brain Heart Functions

Stress is never good for health no matter how much one says that stress is a necessary element for success. It is an irony that men wish to lead a life full of stress and that same aspiration is increasing their stress in life. The truth is that no one can evade stress in life, everyone has little or more stress in life. Even the richest that has literally every comfort in life to the beggar who has nothing, stress is evident in both cases. It is just that the nature of stress is changed, the rich man may think about the performance of his company, employees’ protests, or any management issues. On the other hand, the beggar might worry about getting the next meal.

So, everyone has their own set of stress. Hence, we should focus on learning the technique to handle stress more effectively otherwise this regular stress can affect the brain and heart functioning in men. Stress is basically a mental issue but a stressed man is affected both mentally and physically. But in this article, we shall focus on its effect on the brain and heart.

The germ for mental disorders

Almost all mental disorders such as depression, insomnia, narcolepsy, loneliness, and various others. One thing or factor that is common in them is stress is a common cause of them. Just imagine how simple seeming stress of work reaches a dangerous state that it becomes a deadly disorder. This is a clear example of ignorance resulting in a disorder. Few decades we all have witnessed how taboo was mental health in society. Due to a lack of awareness men did not even know whether they are suffering from mental disorders.

Anyone who claimed to be the victim of any mental disorder was either made fun of or traumatized. But fortunately, things changed for good, and now we are in the 21st century where mental issues have penetrated every stratum of society. But this also shows how weak humans have become over the year and that they cannot manage the stress of their lives. Too much stress makes your mood off as the dopamine levels drop down significantly, which might cause minor headaches, and damage your sleep cycle.

And this is very common as you may have observed that when you are highly stressed, even if you want to sleep you cannot. Such instances if prevalent continuously for a few weeks and months can result in a disturbed sleep cycle where the person may get sleep in patches, sometimes during daytime while working. But remain awake for hours at night when everyone is sleeping. Late-night workers and men who are overworked often experience this problem first-hand. Hence, they end up using stress-relieving pills.

Effect on heart

Well, one may feel that how did stress affect heart health? It is the pumping of the heart that is keeping the whole body alive, even for a millisecond if the heart stops it becomes a deadly situation. So, when your mind is stressed and your mood is down do you think there would be no impact on the heart? Take the example of when you felt heartbreak when the person whom you loved with all your feelings did not respond similarly to your proposal. In your mind you are all excited to begin a relationship but as soon as she says no you become sad and often cry a lot.

So, what has changed before she said no and after? Nothing it is just that the expectation your mind had built had been broken and your mind cannot take much stress. Hence, tears come out eventually. This is been named heartbreak but nothing really in the heart has broken but it feels like it. In reality, the pumping of the heart has slowed down which makes the person feel less energetic, in no mood to do any work, and remains like Antonio from Merchant of Venice in the corner. Aren’t these some similar characteristics a man faces during heartbreak?

Other effects

Apart from the heart and brain, stress can even reach your bed. Many readers may find it outrageous but it is a fact. Issues like Erectile Dysfunction occur when the man is too stressed. Ask any adult man and he would explain to you that while being busy at work or being stressed for any other reason the thought of intimacy hardly comes. In such a situation if one is subjected to stimulations the body may not respond in the desired manner. For overall enjoyment, you must be stressed-free.

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