6 Home Security Devices for Doors and Windows

Home Security Devices Doors Windows

Doors and windows of a house are vulnerable to forced entry, which is why it’s important to maintain their security on a priority basis. So, in order to prevent yourself from turning into a victim, it’s important that you get the doors and windows properly secured. After all “Prevention is always better than cure” and getting the security devices in advance can keep you protected from potential intruders or burglars.

So, here we come up with five home security devices that are extremely popular.

CCTV System

It’s available in various sizes and hence you can grab a small one as well to fit it behind the doors or any of your windows. With it, you can monitor what’s happening inside the house even when you are not there. With mobile or PC access, you can stay easily connected to your home. So, if there’s any forced entry, you can get strong evidence against the criminal as and when required.

Alarm System

It’s a potential security help to protect your house from burglary, theft, and similar kind of threats. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from these two available normally. The first kind comes with a monitoring center that instantly notifies law enforcement of your locality to take immediate action. This helps a lot when you are not there to take care of your house. In case of any suspected intrusions, you can easily get police help. The second makes noise, thus informing you and the neighborhood in case of unwanted or suspected entry.

Door and window Accessory

Mostly theft enters the home from the door and windows. Never uses low quality, cheap and weak door accessory which can break easily. Find good quality stainless-steel and heavy metal accessories such as handsets, latches & bolts, hinges, deadbolts, stops, door handles, door viewers, door guardians, door closers, and locks. Install unbreakable mirrors, frames, and steel mosquito net in the home windows.

Intercom System

An intercom system is available with a front door with it. You can easily get the door installed with an intercom system. While multiple rooms can be monitored with it, the inmates of the house can also contact and communicate with the individual outside in case they are in any danger. It deals with risks effectively thus offering the house dwellers peaceful security.

Beam Detectors

Beam Detectors come with a transmitter and a receiver. They are effectively set up in such a way so that they can have a direct view of the place where the intruder can make an entry. Once there’s any unwanted or forced entry, the beam will detect it and notify you with an alarm ringing.

Hold Up Button

A hold-up button is also known as the panic button was originally intended for commercial security, but its superior efficiency turned them into a trusted appliance for home security too. The buttons which are used for residential applications can be fixed anywhere in your house and also in the doors and the windows and seamlessly connected to the security system. In case of suspected intrusion, it will become audible.

Additional, install or use trusted door locks either traditional or smart locks. It is also an important thing in the home security checklist. A locksmith pimpama can guide you on which lock type will be the best for your home doors.

There’s a lot more to add to the list. However, these systems are highly effective to provide you with full-proof security.

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