6 Ideas For A Spooky Summer Party


Go overboard by creating a BBQ spook-fest. We’re talking about lots of meaty dishes, loaded with red sauces (for the blood) and plenty of little treats. It can work wonders, and it’s easy to do. You can ask everyone to BYO their meals, so you get a vast array of meals. Just make the costume light and easy, which brings us to our next point…

Summer-Style Costumes

We can imagine how it feels to wear layers of costumes on top of each other in the heat; it’s not overly comfortable. So make it a summer costume-themed party. We’re talking about the likes of short-shorts, Baywatch-style attire, Yacht-looking costumes, and so forth. You can make it as posh or light-hearted as you want.

Keep It Outdoors – & Style It Up!

It’s summer, so why would you spend it indoors? If the opportunity presents itself, save yourself a table at a local park or area and style it up. You can go all-in with the Halloween theme or style it in a way that makes it “summer-spooky”. The summer-spooky decorations will blend in nicely with the outdoor experience.

Create a Cineplex-Style Movie Night

Set up an outdoor movie viewing in your backyard or in a park (definitely ask permission) with a screen, picnic blankets, floor cushions, lanterns, and, of course, an array of meals. From there, line up a fest of movies based on your audience. Think Beetlejuice and the Addams Family for family-friendly fun, or Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Exorcist for an adults-only party. This way, you can watch your favorite classic scary movies and terrifying songs while enjoying the summer outdoors.

Costume Contest!

Who looks the most like David Hasselhoff? Or acts like Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson the best? Who makes fun of bikini models the most? Turn a boring costume party into a contest, asking your guests to dress to impress before throwing an awards ceremony. Hand out awards – make them funny and light-hearted – and go for it. It’s a huge win for all (no pun intended!).


There is no better time to have fun outdoors than now. Set up games that are exclusively outdoors, such as apple-bobbing, three-leg races, pin the tail on the horrible monster, etcetera. Just turn them into Halloween-themed and add a summer feel to the proceedings. It will work out great for your party.

These summer ideas are great for transforming your regular summer party into a summer Halloween-themed shindig. Use these ideas and expand on them in any way you wish, ensuring that you throw the most fun and spookiest summer party ever!

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