Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

6 Ideas for Lighting Your Patio Area

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Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

A well-emblazed patio not only enhances your vision in the dimly lit evenings but also adds up to the aesthetics of your front yard. We can always count on these little get-togethers on our patio to lift our mood whether it is a barbeque or just a light supper.

Especially in this pandemic, where it is better to celebrate within the premises, just having a good time on your patio might be a great way to release all the pent up anxiety and stress due to being cooped up at home.

Spending time with close ones whether friends or family is a sure stress reliever, and what’s better than spicing up your parties with some dazzling lights, which will bring life to your meetings and will work as a pretty décor on nights.

Now you may have lost motivation at this point since you may not have appropriate knowledge of these lights but do not worry because we have come up with some amazing ideas for you to try and make your patio beautiful as ever.

String of Lights

The most common, and easy way of lighting up your outdoor is using string lights. These are small electric lights attached to a long cable hence the name string lights. These come in various designs, the common ones being simple filament bulbs hanging on the wire that can effectively light up your patio.

Fairy Lights:

You can also use fairy lights which are comparatively smaller and more huddled together on thin a wire casting a soft glow. It gives an illusion of dancing fireflies or pixie dust in the air since the wires are barely visible giving off a magical vibe. These are more suitable for sophisticated occasions or a romantic setting.

Colored Lights:

You can also get your hands on the colored string lights which would bring on a more fun vibe if you are planning to have a party with friends or a birthday celebration for kids since they are going to love the colorful ambiance.

Rope Lights:

Rope lights again string lights, but they are just fixed on the ropes and can be a good alternative if you don’t have those poles to hang your string lights on. You can simply either hang them on trees or just lay them on the ground around the plants and they will be just as appealing to the eyes while fulfilling the lighting purpose.

Lantern Lights

Modern-day lanterns are filament or LED bulbs encased in an attractive case radiating light and making it look like a piece of art, unlike conventional ones that used kerosene to light up. Though the old ones were also good they can be a little dangerous to deal with hence the modern lanterns.

Paper Lantern:

Paper lanterns are simply LED bulbs inside pretty and beautiful paper structures that differ in shapes and sizes casting a hue of colors in your evenings. You can hang them over the tables which will give the best fancy restaurant vibe while you have your dinner or you can just leave them to be in a corner huddled up creating a mesmerizing look. Lace lanterns are similar to paper lanterns but are more sophisticated in looks and are made up of cotton and beautifully crafted lace designs. They also serve a similar purpose and works with solar energy which is a plus.

Deck Lights

Deck lights are one of the best ways to bring light to your exterior. They are simple lights installed on the railings, stairs, or pathways to provide ample light. Charged by solar energy they are also very energy saving. They also provide safety as they light up your path well in the dark.


Chandeliers are a fancy piece of lighting often considered to be an indoor element but recently they have been widely used as an outdoor piece of decoration as well. Though they look the best it is still a task to choose the best one according to your needs.

You can opt for light-weighted ones since they are more safe and easy to install. They come with bulbs and a fancy glass or metal covering.

Since the type of lighting matters a lot on different occasions so you can also buy one with a light control dimmer through which you can dim the lights for a more suave look and bright for an upbeat party.

You can simply hang these beautiful pieces over the tables and you will instantly feel the glow up of your patio.


Lighting is very important to lift the whole ambiance of your front yard from a gloomy one to that of a merrier one. And what’s better than installing some good quality lamps. This is by far the simplest technique to light up your patio especially if you are one of those couch potatoes. These also go well for those who are busy and getting proper lighting is the least of your worries.

Table Lamps:

Table lamps are small easy to handle the light source. You can place little exotic lamps on the dinner table or place them evenly on the side tables placed on your patio and with the click of a button; you will have simple and nice lighting in your area.

Floor Lamps:

Just like the table lamp floor lamps work similarly. You can place these around on the deck and can avail proper lighting in no time. These can vary from being simple conventional stand lamp to fancy looking LED lamps that work by not only bringing in light, but it also makes the place more glamorous.


Yes, you heard it right candles being the oldest out of all these methods can work the best if you are going for a dimly lit look. It is way more aesthetic to the eyes especially if you are an old school person and as minimalistic as it can get. They come in different varieties ranging from color shapes and sizes.

Scented candles:

Things can never go wrong with a scented candle such as beeswax. You can buy scents like lavender or lemongrass and have a true stress-relieving evening. It is also very much effective in setting the mood if you are planning a romantic date night. They come in cute and intricate glass holders which you can simply place on your table in a bunch of different lengths and there you go, a beautiful candlelight dinner on a budget.

Candle decorations:

Though it is a perfect option to buy candle lamps with beautiful designs available in the market, if you are on a tight budget, you can always opt for simple DIYs. If you have a pathway in front of your house then you can place the candles inside the jars and line them carefully around the path which will create a rustic effect.

If you have a pool in your backyard, then you can also leave some candles floating in the pool, and it will be a mesmerizing sight plus the water itself will reflect these lights making the night beautiful.

The Core-Crux

Considering all of our options, I think you can easily decide which method suits you the best. Whether the fancy chandeliers, lamps, lanterns, or the low budget and economic candles and string lights. All of these are doable and easy.

They bring about a positive change in your patio and working on them can even be a recreational activity for you. You can even experiment and add your creativity to it.

With that being said, in the end, it’s not important how fancy the decorations or lighting is but whether you had a good time. So as long as you’re happy then you’re good to go!

Thanks for making your way here. If you want to have more of the lighting ideas for your home, just check right here! – Happy Lighting!!!

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