6 Things You’ll Appreciate Knowing About A Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse SinkWhen shopping for a kitchen sink, a farmhouse sink is a good option for various good reasons. Apron front sinks are spacious, beautiful, and with a timeless appeal. These sinks add a distinctive appeal to any kitchen. Luckily, you can easily browse a range of farmhouse sinks in various options online. Before taking the plunge to invest in this type of kitchen sink, there are some things you will appreciate knowing.

Regardless of whether you are building a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, a farmhouse sink is a great option. Just like other sinks, great care is necessary to protect the shine of this sink and to keep it clean. Getting the most from this type of sink requires investing in one from a reputable brand. Check out the things you will appreciate knowing while cooking or washing dishes in your farmhouse sink.

Dishes can break

Just like using other types of sinks, you have to be careful to avoid breaking your dishes. A farmhouse sink has a deep basin making it great for washing dishes. However, you have to be careful to avoid accidents that might make you break dishes and glasses. Don’t set stemmed wine glasses near the sink to avoid breaking them. These might get knocked over into the sink bowl. You can invest in a sink protector to avoid your glasses from breaking. Additionally, the protector also guards the sink against scratches.

Work for any kitchen

Most people think a farmhouse sink is for a home with a farmhouse–style kitchen. However, these sinks are ideal for many kitchen styles. The best apron front stainless steel sinks fit seamlessly into any modern kitchen. One made from concrete nicely complements any industrial type of kitchen.

The large deep basin of this basin makes it ideal for cooking and washing dishes. This type of sink is a practical choice regardless of the décor in your home. You just have to select a farmhouse sink in material matching the aesthetics of your home.

Protection from stains and chips

Farmhouse sinks come in various colors including classic white. However, this is prone to stains without regular cleaning. You have to scrub the sink using baking soda to remove sauce stains. This is a mild abrasive that doesn’t scratch the sink surface.

A stainless steel apron front sink is a better option for those without ample time for regular cleaning. Porcelain sinks are likely to chip when used to clean cast iron pans and other heavy cookware.  Investing in a protective sink mat can help save your porcelain farmhouse sink from chips.

Available in various materials

A pristine white porcelain sink comes to mind when thinking about a farmhouse sink. However, a reputable supplier will have these inks in various materials including:

  • Fireclay
  • Copper
  • Polished marble
  • Stainless steel

This allows selecting one to match your kitchen design and lifestyle. Stainless steel is more durable making it suitable for heavy use compared to a porcelain sink. A copper front house sink is loved for its color despite requiring polishing to protect it from oxidation that encourages the development of patina.

Fireclay is a great material for an apron front sink at a lower cost and requiring less maintenance compared to a porcelain sink. One made from polished marble has a luxury appeal but comes at a higher budget and needs resealing over time.

Mind kitchen habits

Farmhouse sinks come with a single or double bowl. After selecting the sink material, the choice of bowls matters. Determining this requires evaluating your kitchen habits. The kitchen sink is used for various purposes including preparing food, washing dishes, cooking food, and washing hands. A sink with a large single bowl is ideal for preparing food. People who wash dishes while cooking dinner need a double bowl sink. This allows washing the dishes in one basin while the salad greens remain rinsed in the other one.

Adjusting the countertops

When opting for a farmhouse sink while remodeling your kitchen, expect to adjust your countertops. This sink is wider but deeper compared to regular sinks. So, your countertop or cabinet below will need adjusting to create room for the sink.

Keep in mind that a porcelain farmhouse is quite heavy and you have to ensure that the cabinets underneath can handle the weight. You might need reinforcement to install your sink. Keep in mind that the cabinets might need repainting and touching-up after installing the farmhouse sink.

Wrapping up

The sink is the most used accessory in the kitchen. This is for washing hands regularly, preparing and cooking food, and washing the dishes. Additionally, a well-chosen sink complements the decor in your kitchen. With a variety of options on the market, a farmhouse sink is a great option for any kitchen. However, you have to understand that it comes in various materials and selecting one requires keeping your kitchen habits in mind.

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