7 Incredibly Easy Ways To Stay Energy-Efficient In Your Bedroom

Energy-Efficient Bedroom

Adopting energy-saving techniques to reduce your carbon footprint and to be energy-efficient is the need of the hour. Reducing your home’s energy consumption will help you do your bit for the environment.

In this piece, we will specifically discuss some ways you can use to stay energy-efficient in the bedroom. True, the bedroom might not consume as much energy as your kitchen or the living room. But there are some energy wasters that you can take care of to save significantly on your monthly bills.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Make optimal use of your heat pump

If your boiler is hogging up a significant amount of energy, it is time that you consider getting an upgrade while making good use of the thermostat as well. The optimal temperature for sleeping is between 16 to 18° Celcius. The beauty of the air source heat pump installation is that it performs both heating and cooling functions. So, your heating and hot water requirements are taken care of al round the year.

Given how it works using the ambient air to produce heat, it’s highly efficient in nature resulting in significant savings in the long run.

  1. Keep an Eye on Your Windows

Windows are perhaps one of the primary spots where energy leaks occur in a home. Regularly inspect your bedroom windows and seal and re-caulk all the gaps you find. With gaps and cavities in your bedroom, heating and cooling functions become difficult. The temperature tends to escape the room and your system has to work extra hard to maintain comfortable temperatures meaning more energy is used.

If you have single-pane windows, consider replacing them with the double-pane ones. The additional pane adds to the level of insulation that helps maintain the temperature in the bedroom keeping the external elements at bay.

  1. Do Not Overlook Basic Insulation

Installing blackout curtains in your home will not help you sleep better but also maintain an optimal temperature in your bedroom. You can use these to block out the sun in the summer months. In winters, you can keep them open to invite natural light and heat in your room and close them in the night for added insulation. It’s important that you maintain consistent temperatures in your bedroom by ensuring that all the doors(entrance, attached bathroom) are closed. That’s because you want to ensure that you do not add to the area that has to be cooled or heated.

  1. Give your Light Bulbs an Upgrade

Incandescent light bulbs are huge energy hoggers not to mention they’ve gone a bit out of fashion. Instead, use light-emitting diodes or LED and compact fluorescent lamps or CFL  lights. These energy-saving bulbs use 25 to 80% less energy as compared to conventional lighting options. They also last up to 3 to 25 times longer when compared to their inefficient alternatives.

  1. Shut Your Closet Doors

If your bedroom is large, the heating/cooling has to work extra hard to cover the area. On top of this, when you leave your closet doors open, the comfortable temperatures of the room escape while adding to the size and the extent of space that needs to be covered. So to remedy the situation, simply shut the closet doors so you don’t end up wasting energy. Moreover, you don’t need comfortable temperature in your closet so it’s pointless to heat/cool the space.

  1. Think of the Bigger Picture

You can plant trees or foliage right outside to block your bedroom windows from the sun’s glare. This will not only give your landscape a facelift but also give you a nice view from within the bedroom.

  1. Disconnect All Devices Before Retiring to Bed

Mobile devices and other electronics consume energy if they are left plugged in or on stand by mode. Most devices take just a couple of hours to completely charge which means you might be wasting energy during the night if you leave your devices connected.

So unplug and disconnect all the gadgets before bedtime to avoid wastage of energy and wearing out of the batteries due to overcharge.

Energy Savings in the Bedroom is Easy

Being energy-efficient in the bedroom isn’t that hard. Just being a little mindful of your usage will suffice. Follow the tips mentioned above to successfully lower your consumption while also reducing the monthly bills you receive.

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