How to Dress the Most Difficult Windows in Your Home: 7 Myths About Window Treatments Busted by a Professional

It shouldn’t surprise us that we are faced with a struggle to dress up the most peculiar windows, which come in various shapes and sizes. Since a window “in the nude” is not usually an appropriate way of treating your rooms, customizing your shades of choice has become the go-to option for many of us.

The latest interior design trends are making room for more and more creative looking windows, and that’s why our recommendation is to dress your windows and make your home the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed about.

But that’s not always easy, and there are a lot of myths about dressing certain types of windows. That’s why we asked Loganova Shadesa custom window treatment company that designs their products in New York and handcrafts them in Toronto – to help us crush some myths and share some tips on how you can turn your blank windows into stylish statements by opting for the right window treatment for you.

1.  Dressing Bay Windows

Myth: Bay windows don’t need treatments at all.

Bay windows fall in the category of “not your easy to dress” windows with measurements that vary from architect to architect and make off the rack treatments an unlikely option.

Moreover, some people tend to ignore the necessity of window treatment or choose to cover the windows with standard heavy curtains, which is not always ideal.

But this should not be your case! Treating your bay windows with the right shades can make the place into that inspirational, cozy sanctuary. For example, opting for a delicate Roman Shade in the exact material and length for all bay windows will confer a sense of space and allow a serene, natural light in the afternoon. For better control of your privacy, some custom Roman shades come with a blackout lining blocking 99.9% of light, so you can choose whatever matches your personal style.bay-window-london-roman-shade

Tip: Mixing measurement filters with functionality and style is the only solution that should make the cut.

“Custom London Roman shades are always a remarkable choice for bay windows because of their delightful line that adds a fancy twist to the decor. They are handcrafted to the precise measurements of any window and come in romantic, traditional patterns”, explains Loganova Shades.

When choosing a window treatment for bay windows, it’s important to also consider how much sun is coming through. If you want more privacy, opt for faux linen Roman shades with a diverse palette of bold colours, stripes, and geometrical patterns that will help filter the needed light in the room. You can even purchase these fabrics by the yard to match your side treatments, pillows, bedding, and coordinated accessories!

2.  Half-moon or Arched Windows

We all agree that arched windows are beautiful architectural items that add a sense of customization and uniqueness to any home. But, if the bay windows were in the “not so easy to dress” category, the arched type obviously look even more pretentious and delicate.arched-sheer-draperies-loganova

MYTH: They are impossible to treat!

Well, not quite. It is true that you don’t have standard models that immediately fit half-moon or arched windows, and this can be troublesome, especially if you want to control the light that comes into the room.

Some people choose custom curved rods or long curtains from the top of the ceiling, risking cluttering or taking too much space and light from the room. Others prefer to leave the half-moon window uncovered, especially if it’s separated from the windows below it. If you want the simplest solution, choose custom Roman shades or curtains that naturally enhance the beauty of any arched window and fit any size.

“This handcrafted sheer voile curtain comes in more neutral colours to complement any home decor. Besides the fact that it never goes out of fashion, such classic window treatment is ideal for a bedroom beautifully illuminated with natural light”, adds Loganova Shades.

3.  French Doors

Usually, you can at least opt for a curtain rod underneath the top of a window to set the drapes. However, that’s not the case for arched doors. After all, you will want to open them!

What are your options, then?

Myth: The best choice for French Doors window coverings are Venetian blindsroman-shade-blackout-loganova

This is clearly not true. It may be a popular choice, but there are plenty of Roman shades that can transform this type of window into a stylish element of the room. For example, these faux linen, luxurious black and white Roman Shades are custom made and can be tailored to fit any French door, bringing a touch of elegance to a contemporary living room.

Tip: Opt for French door window treatments that come with a cordless motorized mechanism. They are safer to use, especially when you have children or pets that run through the area.

It is equally important to choose a functional window covering that provides extra comfort in the long run. Choose shades that are beautiful, can block 99.9% of light, and also help insulate against noise.

4.  Corner Windowcorner-window-coverings-loganova

This type of window setting is a challenge when it comes to home design. What matters most here is to choose Roman shades in the same fabric, colour, and length for each window, so they can overall create a natural line and provide a sense of harmony in the corner.

Myth: Corner windows always look better with heavy curtains.

While they can look good with the right drapes, you can really apply a fresh look with Roman blinds, especially if they’re made from luxurious fabrics. Since there is a lot of space to cover, it is better to invest in custom window treatments instead of trying to do it yourself only to discover they’re not at all how you imagined (and end up spending more money to fix it!).

Tip: Use high-quality Roman shades in the same pattern, fabric and colour, for a natural visual balance.

5.  Slanted Windows

The most difficult to dress windows of a house are the slanted windows. If you happen to have an attic bedroom or a room with a slanted ceiling, it’s possible you will struggle to find the right window treatments.

Myth: One simply cannot dress a slanted window.

Even though a window “in the nude” seems the right choice for such a special situation, you have plenty of chic or minimalistic alternatives. A traditional curtain is out of the question mainly because the angle would make them sag into a weird pile and it would be difficult to open the windows.slanted-window-treatment

Instead, choose special drapes with medallions in the wall to hold them, or custom made Roman shades. This would avoid any additional work or elements added on the wall, so it would be a simpler and cleaner option.

Tip: If a Roman shade is your preferred choice, choose a cordless motorized mechanism to avoid any control mechanism dangling from the window due to gravity.

Loganova Shades offers many creative patterns, fabrics and bold colours for slanted window treatments that can be customized for any size and any light proportion. Opt for a floral pattern that warms and brightens up any attic room.

6.   Fancy Sliding Doors

When thinking about window treatments for sliding doors, people tend to choose the popular option: vertical blinds for patio doors and other types of glass doors.fancy-doors-roman-shade-loganova

Myth: Vertical blinds are the only suitable option for sliding doors.

 While vertical blinds are popular especially in business offices or formal rooms, they can lend a cold, industrial feeling to a home that should be cozy and welcoming. Plus, they can dangle and get stuck in anything that comes their way.

The truth is, there are some budget-friendly, horizontal window treatments even for the fanciest sliding doors.

“These horizontal Roman blinds and delicate window coverings solve both issues: as single panels of high-quality textiles, not hard plastic, they are easy to clean, quieter in operation and allow the light through any angle, with less ongoing adjustment. Now you have a warm and stylish home!”, adds Loganova Shades.

If it’s light you need from your sliding doors, sheer treatments are the best option. Custom sliding door sheers come in many textures for a soft, romantic setting.

Tip: Consider weight when it comes to wider doors. Some horizontal blinds can become heavy enough to overstress mounting systems. Opt for fabric instead of wood or faux wood, since is much lighter.

7.  Overly Large or Tall Windowslarge-window-treatment-loganova

A very large or tall window may seem difficult to dress because it doesn’t require the standard types of window treatments. While this is true, that doesn’t mean you don’t have beautiful and practical alternatives to choose from.

Myth: Larger or taller windows require more window treatments to dress them.

Tip: Look for window treatments that offer you both style and functionality, since custom, high-quality shades can offer you full control of the light, privacy, and temperature in the room.

If you’d love a classy and bold statement, a red geometric pattern will add an exquisitely stylish touch to any living room.

Ready to Dress Up that Difficult Window in Your Home?

There are plenty of beautiful window coverings to choose from. But the most important thing remains choosing according to your own home style and unique story because, after all, home is your most beloved place.

If you’re looking for more inspiration and helpful advice on custom window treatments that fit any window shape or style, discover Loganova Shades’ delightful collection.

We hope these ideas help you bring even more inspiration into your home!

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