8 Home Decorating Tips with Amish-made Furniture

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The Amish community believes that life should be simple, which is why you can rarely see those who are part of the community using modern conveniences like motorized vehicles and electricity. The same is true when it comes to decorating their homes. They try to decorate their homes as simple as possible and use furniture items constructed out of solid wood.

If you want to apply the Amish theme into your home then you can rest assured that you do not have to give up all comforts and conveniences that the modern world offers. All that you have to do is to infuse some Amish spirit into a few parts of your home. You can do so by investing in Amish-made furniture and decorating your home with it.


To help you decorate your home with Amish furniture, here are eight valuable tips you have to remember:

#1 – Get familiar with the different styles of Amish furniture

When attempting to decorate your home using Amish furniture, it helps to plan carefully before you start to shop. In such a case, you may want to determine first whether you want your home to imbibe a classic or modern look. Ask yourself if there are existing furniture items in your home that you wish to match perfectly with the ones you are planning to buy.

By asking yourself important questions, you can better decide which among the different styles of Amish furniture fits your requirements perfectly. The following are just some of the Amish furniture styles you ought to consider incorporating into your home, although it should depend on the kind of look that you want to bring out as a result.

  • Traditional Amish – Furniture pieces made based on this style are famous for their simplicity. Here, you can find items with straight and simple lines. Delicate spindled wooden chairs also fall under this style. You can mostly see these items having natural wood tones. They are also compatible with simple decorations and furniture that are currently existing in your home.
  • Craftsman – Pieces of furniture that have the Craftsman style are heavier compared to the traditional Amish when it comes to look and weight. You can see this style in larger items that have plenty of hefty square shapes and clean straight lines.
  • Shaker – The Shaker style represents effortless elegance. With that in mind, expect furniture items with this style to feature sophisticated slates and straight lines that tend to run either vertically or horizontally. In most cases, spindles also form part of the items.
  • Mission – Mission-style furniture, which is also common in the Amish community, is constructed from oak traditionally. The style focuses more on straight horizontal and vertical lines. It also makes use of flat planes designed to highlight the natural wood grain. A lot of Mission-style furniture pieces also have exposed joinery that put more emphasis on their craftsmanship.

It is crucial to be more familiar with these different styles of Amish furniture. That way, you can easily figure out which one will fit your home the most and meet your unique home decoration preferences and requirements.

#2 – Decide on a color scheme

If you decide to add Amish furniture pieces into your home then there is a great chance that your choices do not have plenty of colors. In most cases, each piece will have natural yet beautiful and elegant wood tones. Because of that, you need to figure out the color scheme you want your home to display. Be consistent when choosing the wood tones, too. This is crucial especially once you start mixing and matching furniture items from various collections.

In case you are not interested in a similar wood shade, then consider getting different shades but make sure they still blend well together. Your furniture pieces and decorations should also match the paint color of the area you are decorating. For instance, when choosing items like wall art or throw pillows, factor in the walls’ color and the best way to complement it. One thing to keep in mind is that all colors seem to work perfectly when matched with rich and natural wood tones.

#3 – Buy matching Amish furniture

If you are planning to buy more than one furniture piece with an Amish theme, it is necessary to make them blend. Avoid investing in mismatched pieces. Regardless if you are outfitting or decorating your bedroom, dining room, or living room, ensure that all the features match up.

One tip is to avoid mixing shaker and mission styles considering the fact that these two have their own unique features. They have noticeable differences that combining the two in the room might only cause them to clash. Wood undertones also need to match. Furthermore, they need to complement well with the entire room.

#4 – Invest in an authentic and handmade piece

If you want to add Amish-made furniture into your home then go for unique and genuine handmade pieces. What is great about these handmade pieces is that they can boost the personality in a space, which will not be the case if you buy a replica in a store. Fortunately, it is not that hard to find genuine and unique pieces as most Amish woodworkers take pride in the way they work.

They even perceive the pieces they create as furnishings and art that can last for generations. With that in mind, it is not that hard to look for true antiques in any Amish furniture stores. You can start your search for these genuine and authentic pieces and fill your home with it. Just make sure that all the pieces match.

#5 – Use hardwood for your floor

One thing that makes Amish furniture so amazing is that it seems to look great regardless of where you put it. It is because of its simple elegance that seems to make any room beautiful. However, you can further bring out its classic beauty and appeal if you pair it with the fresh and clean vibe brought on by hardwood flooring. This combination can make a room show high-quality sophistication.

The good thing about installing hardwood floors is that it does not require you to match its tone with that of your chosen Amish furniture. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy better results if you have contrasting wood shades and tones from the floor and the furniture. For instance, you may want to use a lighter tone for the hardwood floor and a darker tone for your wooden furniture.

#6 – Do not ignore the importance of accents

Once you start shopping for Amish furniture, one thing you should not neglect is the importance of accents. This means that whether you are shopping online or in a physical furniture store, you have to make sure that you are already aware of the best pieces to invest in that are capable of accenting the room you are decorating.

Among the items that can add elegant finishing touches to a gorgeous room are ottomans, coffee tables, and end tables. Be very observant when it comes to shopping for items that will serve as accents to a room. Ensure that they truly serve their purpose of making the room look even more gorgeous and beautiful.

#7 – Properly scale the items

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind when planning to decorate your home using Amish furniture items. You need properly scaled furniture to make sure that it is of the right size. This will prevent you from investing in items that are too large for the available space.

It will also prevent you from investing in chairs that are not the perfect fit for your existing tables. If you are unsure, ask for help from professionals. Your goal is to avoid wasting money on items that do not fit the available space, your preferences, and your needs.

#8 – Implement minimalism as much as possible

Keep in mind that Amish-based furniture focuses more on clean and straight shapes and simplicity. This is the main reason why you should try to be as minimalist as possible when decorating your home with this theme. Your goal is to prevent your furniture and home decorations to go out of hand. Choose classic and simple decorations and carefully position them around your home.

Also, avoid having excessive amounts of knick-knacks that seem to consume a lot of space in Amish furniture items, like bookcases and coffee tables. It would be much better if the focus remains on the beautifully and uniquely crafted Amish furniture pieces. You may add some decorations, like a beautiful wall art, some personal photos, and a clock but make sure that the result is still light and simple.


Mentioned in this article are eight valuable tips on decorating your home using Amish furniture. Do not forget to consider these tips and suggestions during the time you are still shopping for pieces and the moment you start the decorating process.

The most important rule, though, is to determine your own personality and what it is that you specifically want. Note that the primary purpose of home decorating is to ensure that your home displays a major part of you so make sure that the result truly speaks of your character and personality.

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