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7 Tips to Design and Build a Website that Converts Visitors to Leads

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Design and Build Website

It’s great to put a perfect marketing plan to drive people to your website, but do you know what happens when people visit your website? It would be best if you planned to convert website visitors to lead, and you can do so by following these steps to design and build the website.

Create Personas

Before you do anything else, you need to ensure that you know who your ideal buyers are and what you need to offer them. It would be best to create a persona for all the perfect customers like a fictional person based on the target audience, including demographics and likes.

Target Your Personas

It would be best to look at what you have to offer each person, plan your content around it, and start educating them. You can give them practical tips on your industry or projects. You can start writing a blog that covers all the topics perfectly. You need to inform them and also be helpful at the same time.

Go For a Guided Tour

You need to give your visitors a plant experience when they arrive on your website. Hence you need to structure your homepage and landing page to tempt them with all the details.

Include a Call to Action

You need to put a call to action that moves visitors down to the deeper level at the end of each group. It will involve an exchange of information like you can add your email ID, and we will send you a newsletter or share your phone number, and our executive will consult you, etc.

Optimize The Image

Whenever visitors come to your landing page, you shouldn’t make them wait. All you need to do is ensure that your page loads quickly. Your conversion rate can increase by 11% when you decrease the file size of your images.

Start Following Up

Once you have engaged the visitors, you need to recognize them. You need to present a confirmation page with a big thank you when you download a white paper to subscribe to any of your blogs. You need to shoot an email that thanks them for requesting resources like downloading or any relevant links they might want for safekeeping in the present the following value-added link. You can start following up again in some days as it will be thankful for your business.

Platforms for Website 

It is also an important prospect that should choose wisely. A website building platform or language can enhance the website security, loading speed, functionality, and user experience. HTML, PHP, Java, ASP, Python, C#, ruby, swift, JavaScript and more the most common languages and platforms for building a website. This is easy much possible with the presence of a website builder, who is highly experienced. 

Check the Matrices and Refine Them

Once you have started the process, you need to see how the results align with your key performance indicators. You need to check Google Analytics to see the path people follow through your site. You can also see if you can improve the content on your landing page or the load time and see any good results or not.

At the end, a website is really important as it helps in converting cold to colder leads into hot ones.

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