Family-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

8 Family-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas for This Season

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Family-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is a great time for discovering new gifts and coming up with ideas for having family fun. Each year, companies try to attract the public to the latest trends and designs. Here are some examples, both new and old, for family holiday gift ideas this season.

1. Personalized Mugs

Mugs never go out of style, especially ones that tie the family together. Having their own personal mug, especially one that’s part of a family grouping, makes everyone feel special and included. There are several silly, witty or serious large-sized mugs to choose from. Shop around where engraving is offered and get the right style that reflects your family.

2. Coffee Lover’s Subscription

Magazines aren’t the only item that you can receive on a month-to-month basis. If you have a serious coffee lover in your family, treat them to a year’s subscription of different flavors of protein-packed coffee drinks. Discover new tastes and always have a drink on hand for company.

3. Birdhouse Kit

If you could design and build a house for your winter feathered friends, what would it look like? Birdhouse kits for small, large or migrating birds are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes. This is a great family hobby to engage in together. Add your own colorful touches and even add a signature to personalize your masterpiece. Hang the house in different areas and see which location the birds like best.

4. Christmas Matching Pajamas

Toddlers through adults will enjoy the holidays with warm and snuggly quality jammies. There is nothing cozier than the entire family spending an evening together in family matching Christmas pajamas. Available in patterns from gift wrap to reindeer and Santa prints, these look-alike footed PJs are perfect for sharing hot cocoa and a big bowl of popcorn. Solid colors and camos are also available for year-round fun.

5. Large Family Photo Calendar

No one ever grows weary of seeing some or all family members throughout the year. This is a project that takes some planning early, and you’ll need to collect pictures during different times of the year, but it is so worth it. Remembering places and loved ones in certain months will never cease to put a smile on your face. You can even place birthdays, anniversaries or important reminders on your personal calendar. When the year is done, you will have a keepsake of the year.

6. Indoor Garden

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and gardening is a very useful pastime. Even if you are unable to journey outside for long periods of time, there are several types of growing systems that can be used indoors. Learning how to garden used to be essential and is coming back in popularity. Having fresh food on hand is never a bad thing. This is the ultimate hobby for the entire family and a great learning experience. You will also notice healthier eating habits begin to form with fresh fruit and vegetables at your fingertips.

7. Ingenious Laundry Masher

Laundry is a chore that no one enjoys. Now there are unique laundry mashers that can help you to get your clothes sparkling clean. Nano silver-infused ceramic beads technology takes the place of liquid or powder detergent and softeners. They are placed in a cute plastic container and will not come apart while washing. The little beads remove odors as they are agitated within a washing machine. Hot water is not necessary, and allergens are also removed. This is the perfect gift for busy moms, college students or young married couples. One container will last for 200 loads.

8. Smart Scale

Being obsessed with your weight and trying to figure out the fluctuation can drive you crazy. Introducing the smart scale that gives you more than just a changing number.

This amazing smart scale with patented Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology uses sensors to measure your BMI, body fat, water weight, muscle mass and more. Never wonder how exercise and diet are affecting your personal weight numbers again. The entire family will enjoy measuring their individual systems and learn what needs work.

There is always something new or different to ponder for the upcoming Christmas season. These items will be welcome in any family. Old and new, you won’t find these trends disappearing anytime soon.

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