Hardest Things Move Home Relocating

8 Hardest Things to Pack and Move While Home Relocating

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Hardest Things Move Home Relocating

Home relocation or moving house is shifting one’s dwelling and settling in another. Many people have to move house due to some reasons such as relocating to a new home, a new job or job transfer, finding a cheaper home, a house that is closer to work, moving from renting to owning a home, and other family reasons.

Where happiness is in mind about moving to a new place, there is a worry about moving the home appliance, furniture, and other things to the new place. Moving household items is a very stressful and difficult task. You require proper planning, preparation, manpower, and moving vehicles.

8 Household Items that are Difficult to Move

You can take away small things and pack them with you. But the following are the hardest things to move.

Wooden Beds

The wooden beds are bulky, large, heavy, and difficult to move. Most beds are single or double in size with a large mattress. You require a man and van to lift it and transfer it to another place safely.


A cupboard is another wooden piece of furniture that is used to store clothes, dishware, and grocery. It is made from strong and heavy wood. A least 4 people require to lift and load the cupboard.


An almirah is a free-standing wardrobe or cupboard. It is used to store regular-wear clothes. However, it is less bulky than a cupboard but it is the hardest thing to move due to its design and weight.

Freezers and refrigerators

Freezers and refrigerators come in large and medium sizes which are heavy, tender, and breakable. So you require a proper technique to pick and place it. Otherwise, you may get injured yourself or damage this electronic appliance.


Sofas come in different sizes, arms, and back shapes. The sofa can be a seater, two-seater, or three-seater. The two-dimensional shape makes the sofa difficult to move. They take up more space and problems moving into the doors.

Mirror or Glass

Mirror and glass items are very soft and breakable. There is away a fair of broken glass dining tables, mirrors, partition walls, chairs, frames, lamps, shelves, names plates, knobs, aquariums, etc. A professional affordable Bristol man and van mover and packer can only transfer it safely.

Antiques and Artworks

You will never want to see damage to your expensive and precious antiques and artwork. Packing artwork or antiques is also a challenging task because of their sizes and unusual shapes.

Large Furniture and appliance

Large and heavy furniture: tables, bureaus, chairs, dressers, desks, counters, cabinets, bookcases, and other household furnishings that occupy a space greater than 8 cubic feet. Some people also try to remove and move installed items such as cabinets, air conditioners, furnaces, heaters, and more.

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