Areas to Focus Bathroom Remodel

9 Areas to Focus on During A Bathroom Remodel

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Areas to Focus Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling a bathroom might seem like a big task, but if you pay attention to the important parts, it can turn out really well. Bathrooms see a lot of wear and tear and issues like leaks, mold, and outdated fixtures that can take a toll on the space over time. And the climate in certain regions can exacerbate common bathroom problems.

For example, the temperature fluctuations and storm-prone weather in Wichita, Kansas, can bring about challenges like gaps in caulking or seals around fixtures, leading to potential water damage. Additionally, Wichita being situated in “Tornado Alley” means the severe weather can also play a part in issues like roof leaks affecting bathrooms. To combat these issues, a complete bathroom remodel or fixing and repairs in certain areas may be necessary.

When things go wrong, a bathroom remodel doesn’t just help you solve the problems but also gives you a chance to improve your space. Remodeling can be as simple as making small improvements or as big as completely changing everything. To make your project successful, here are the important areas to focus on:

1. Plumbing

Faulty plumbing is one of the most common reasons homeowners remodel their bathrooms. From leaky faucets and showerheads to clogged drains and faulty drainage, plumbing issues can cause extensive water damage, mold growth, higher utility bills, and many other problems.

During a remodel, it is crucial to replace any worn or faulty plumbing parts, upgrade to higher-efficiency water fixtures, and ensure all plumbing systems meet current code requirements. This prevents future leakage, flooding, and other costly issues while improving water flow and functionality. Carefully inspect supply lines, drain pipes, shut-off valves, pressure regulators, and more. Install new PEX or copper piping if needed.

2. Electrical

Today’s bathrooms demand far more power than decades past, with features like LED lighting, heated floors, multi-jet tubs, built-in TVs, and more. Outdated wiring can’t safely and reliably handle the increased electrical load.

A remodel is the perfect time to update electrical systems to meet current codes and standards. Hire a licensed electrician to install new GFCI outlets, upgrade wiring, add circuits, and ensure adequate amperage for all bathroom electronics and lighting.

Choose ENERGY STAR fixtures for efficiency. Proper electrical accommodates modern bathroom tech, reduces fire hazards, and prepares the space for future upgrades.

3. Tub and Shower

With heavy usage over time, tubs and showers can become worn, damaged, and dated. This problem can be exacerbated even more in highly humid areas like Wichita.

In summer, showers may experience additional wear due to excess moisture, leading to issues like mold growth. Recognizing this, many homeowners opt for a shower replacemet in Wichita to address these climate-specific challenges and ensure long-lasting durability.

A bathroom remodel provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade these fixtures with newer models that offer improved comfort, accessibility, water efficiency, and aesthetics. Options like spacious walk-in showers provide a safer, more functional upgrade.

New tub surrounds offer built-in seating and therapeutic massage jets, whereas low step-in showers reduce tripping hazards. Choose easy-clean materials like acrylic, fiberglass, or tile.

You can also upgrade to a rainfall showerhead for a luxurious experience.

4. Ventilation

Proper ventilation is critical for controlling humidity and preventing mold/mildew growth in bathrooms. Stale, humid air also leads to a stuffy, uncomfortable environment.

Exhaust fans, operable windows, and ductwork should all be updated or added to improve air circulation. You can also add make-up air vents or undercut doors to improve airflow, and make sure to install duct fans outside rather than into attics or wall cavities.

Good ventilation creates a healthier bathroom environment and reduces condensation and moisture damage.

5. Storage

Today’s bathrooms serve many purposes, from laundry to makeup room, but often lack sufficient storage. This leads to clutter and frustration for homeowners.

A remodel is the perfect time to add more cabinets, drawers, shelves, medicine cabinets, and other organizational solutions. These drawers or storage solutions will keep items organized and easily accessible.

Built-in storage keeps toiletries, towels, and other items neatly tucked away while maximizing every inch of space. You can also consider installing custom cabinets and vanities to fit into awkward areas. There are many smart storage options available, like pull-out cabinets and hidden hampers, which you can utilize in these hidden spaces.

6. Flooring

Issues like cracked tiles, lifting corners, and stained grout can make the floor look old and dingy while presenting tripping hazards. A bathroom remodel allows you to replace the old floor with new water-resistant, safer, and easier-to-clean flooring.

Choices like porcelain tile, natural stone, and luxury vinyl tile stand up well to moisture while providing style. Make sure the new flooring is professionally installed to prevent uneven surfaces.

7. Lighting

A lighting update provides better visibility for tasks like shaving and makeup application.

Choices like recessed lighting, decorative pendants, vanity lighting, and even natural light improve the ambiance. Similarly, dimmer switches allow adjusting light levels for different tasks and times of day.

Make sure to choose ENERGY STAR-rated fixtures for efficiency.

8. Cabinets and Vanities

Bathroom vanities and cabinets provide essential storage while concealing plumbing. However, water damage, wear, and dated styles can necessitate replacement over time.

A remodel allows you to update vanities and cabinets for improved organization, functionality, and aesthetics. Consider custom built-in cabinets sized to fit the space perfectly.

Choose durable cabinet materials like wood composites or thermofoil that resist moisture damage, and update hardware for a modern touch.

9. Countertops

Cracked, stained, or outdated countertop materials quickly begin to show their age. A remodel provides the opportunity to replace worn counters with elegant new options that are durable and water-resistant.

Choices like quartz, solid surface, and natural stone hold up beautifully to heavy use. Their non-porous surfaces also resist mold, mildew, and stains. New countertops give the bathroom a refined, seamless look that maintains its beauty for years.


Remodeling an old, dysfunctional bathroom pays dividends for years to come. Focusing on plumbing, electrical, storage, fixtures, surfaces, and accessories transforms the space into one that’s safer, more efficient, and better suited to your lifestyle. You can create the bathroom of your dreams with some planning and design expertise.

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