Make Wedding Day More Special

9 Spellbinding Ways to Make Your Wedding Day More Special

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Make Wedding Day More Special

Raise your hand if you’ve visited a wedding and questioned the ridiculous amount of gestures the married couple had made to commemorate their love. It all seems too much and too unreal. Right? However, the truth is, you’ll never know the importance of a unique and blissful wedding day until it is your time to get married. And since your big day is finally here, you’re probably wondering how you can turn it into a blast to remember. Well, lucky for you, we’re here to help.

To be clear, it’s not just you; everyone wants their wedding day to be a delight. After all, your love story is beautiful – why shouldn’t your wedding be the same? But sadly, coming up with genuinely marvelous and unique ways to not only make a grand impression on your attendees but also to celebrate your love can be daunting.

So, with that in question, what can you do to make your day even more special? Here’s a hint: keep reading. In this article, you’ll find all the striking and most breathtaking ways to make your wedding the “subject of the year.”

1. Flowers are powerful

Flowers are an unavoidable part of any wedding. Following the couple’s “I dos,” they are frequently showered with petals from the page girls or even bubbles. Besides, having flower arrangements at every guest table is crucial for showing how thoughtfully and elegantly you pulled your wedding. But you must carefully pick the right florist in your region. For instance, if you’re searching for a flower shop to order bouquets or custom-made arrangements in Newport Beach, CA, you’re in luck. The CDM florist Newport Beach CA is the perfect florist to consider. They provide thoughtful and gorgeous flower arrangements that evoke many feelings and communicate the message you want to give out.

You can also hire a rose petal cannon for that special moment to make your wedding stand out. Following the ceremony, thousands of rose petals will be blown onto the site by canons. You’ll undoubtedly smile when you see it again on video or in photographs because it brings back so many pleasant moments.

2. A ceremony should be formal

It’s probably best not to write your vows unless you’re a professional orator or a speechwriter. Many people get caught off guard when sharing personalized vows – and that is not something you’d want on your wedding day. To avoid the mess, discuss what you want to be included and what you want to be changed with your officiant. Also, please don’t drag other people’s toddlers or unhappy dogs down the aisle unless they mean a lot to you.

3. Seat your guests with care

Guest seating is more important than you might think. The importance of considerate seating arrangements to the guests’ experience cannot be overstated. Spend as much time thinking about who sits with whom as you do about the flower arrangement. We’re a big fan of place cards, and while they’re a pain to make, they’re a great way to personalize your wedding.

4. Set up party supplies for the guests 

Your guests will applaud party props when it is time to dance. These can include amusing hats, tambourines, masks for a masquerade, glow sticks, among other things. Also, while you’re filling your wedding with props, don’t go overboard. Consider what props people enjoy using at a party and make them available. The party favors can also be a pleasant and inexpensive way to thank your guests for attending your wedding. You can round out the evening with lovely take-home treats and personalized “thank-you” notes.

5. Integrate games 

Incorporating games into your wedding is a fun way to keep your guests engaged and amused. It’s a great way to get your guests involved while also breaking the ice. As a result, your friends, coworkers, and family will have a good time getting to know each other. The wheel-of-fun is an excellent wedding game idea that your guests can play while waiting for you to arrive at the venue. It makes use of a spin-the-wheel, which your guests can take turns spinning and doing whatever the wheel lands on, such as playing a prank.

6. A cool after-party 

When your wedding reception venue ends, instead of going to the random bar next door, you can plan a true post-wedding celebration for you and your guests. To offset a typical ballroom vibe, book a space with an entirely different vibe from your wedding reception, such as a laid-back patio bar or a karaoke club. We guarantee that this after-party will keep your party going until the sun comes up and says hello.

7. Surprising confetti

It’s a lot of fun to have confetti fall at some point during the reception. The big moment could occur during a particularly famous wedding song that has everyone on the dance floor, or it could occur during the couple’s reception entrance. Confetti that appears out of nowhere is always a huge, unexpected crowd-pleaser. Consider hiring a confetti cannon specialist if your event does not have a confetti-drop feature.

8. Dance the night away

Whether you enjoy dancing or not, the dance floor is undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of a wedding. Sure, you can get your guests to dance to “Waltzing Matilda,” but to add a deep personal flavor to your party, introduce a jig from your cultures, such as the seguidillas manchegas from Spain, the Italian tarantella, the Cuban money dance, or an Indian Bollywood dance. You can even provide a basket of flip-flops for your guests to remove their shoes and dance all night. Moreover, offer refreshment stations to refuel before returning to the dance floor.

9. Non-Traditional Forms of Entertainment 

Having a show-stopping performer at a wedding reception will always be popular. Whether a wedding magician, a choreographed dance number, or even fireworks, it will leave everyone talking about your day for months. The best ideas include Brazilian samba dancers, contortionists, belly dancers, and opera singers.

You can also include a short “play” performed by the wedding guests, which tells how you and your significant other met.


A wedding is truly the most memorable moment of any person’s life. And that’s because it is a once-in-a-lifetime moment – but sure, you’re allowed to do it more than once by renewing your vows. With the ways listed above, you can make your wedding a wholesome and unique experience that will surely leave the guests talking and your stomachs butterflying for days. Just ensure to add a little spice to everything you do because no one likes boring weddings.

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