9 Tips To Keep Your Bedroom Neat and Tidy


Do you have a hard time cleaning your room every day? To be honest, this one is the most common problem for most of us. Sometimes, organizing a room can be dragging and overwhelming. Other times, there is not enough time to keep things neat. However, leaving your room unkempt can even lead to stress and unproductivity. Thus, the need to keep everything in place is a must. But do not fret! We will teach you the secrets on how to keep your room tidy, without spending too much time. Here are our top favorites.

1.Have a dump bin

It is where you can throw anything such as clothes, extra little items that you have, and other stuff that you do not want to put away. This storage solution is easy to move around, and you can even place it in tight spaces. You can get these from your local or online store for an affordable price. You can even choose a stylish dump bin that will go with the aesthetic of your room.

2. Use under bed storage

This tip is one of the best bedroom storage ideas. If you have a lot of seasonal stuff in your room, yet you can’t let go, the under bed storage is the best solution. You can put items that you don’t use every day. You can buy one or DIY it, so it fits perfectly under your bed. It should give you an ample amount of storage for things like bed sheets, books, toys, coats, shoes, and more!

3. A place to put your files and folders

Come to think about it, papers and a bunch of notes occupy too much space in our room. To keep everything in place, we recommend that you have a specific spot in your room where you can find these files. It could be on top of your desk or dedicating a specific drawer for it. You need to have a divider folder, hanging folder, or any folder to organize your papers. Not only will it keep the place tidy, but it will also lessen the stress and time on you finding important documents.

4. Have a garbage bin

Having a garbage bin in your room will make it more efficient for you in case you need to throw some stuff out. You can place your garbage bin under your desk or near your bed. Also, you need to set a time to empty your recycling bin so your garbage will not pile up. We recommend that you clear your trash at least once a week or whatever your preferred schedule is.

5. Think vertical

If you have a lot of stuff but little space to keep them neat, we suggest that you maximize your walls. You can install some shelves or place some hooks around your room to hang your stuff. You can even make use of the space behind your closet door for your accessories, hats, and scarves. There are also shoe organizers that you can hang behind your door. Sometimes, you have to be creative and work on what you already have.

6. Invest in furniture with a dual purpose

Sometimes, it is best to let go of some of your bulky furniture so you can get more space in your room. You may also take a look at some pieces of furniture that can have dual purposes. For example, an ottoman. An ottoman can work as a chair but also as a storage solution. Bookshelves can also keep some of your clothes in place. There are tons of transformable furniture out there that will not only help you tidy your place but also maximize it.

7. Group and categorize your items

Categorize your items to make sure you know where to get them, so everything is within your reach. Trust us, it will also save you time and energy whenever you need specific stuff in your room. For example, in your drawers, you have your medical supply, books, and high-tech gadgets such as cameras, smartphones, cords, etc. Organize them and keep everything in place, yes it can be confusing since you are used to where you keep your things even if it is not that organized. But by cleaning and organizing your item, you will be familiarized with the new routine where you keep certain items.

8. Use hangers

Hangers are an amazing hack, especially if you want to reuse some outfits. Just hang it up and put it back in your closet or your laundry room. Say goodbye to scattered clothes on the floor and chairs with this accessory. This hack can be good for bags too, or whatever lying on the floor. You can even invest in those aesthetic portable closets where you can hang your most used clothes. Hang it up, and your room will look much tidier in no time!

9. Schedule a cleanup

And by this, we don’t mean that you dedicate an entire day to tidy up your room. It could be simple daily tasks you can do to keep your place neat. For example, every morning, you can sweep the floor. Every Tuesday, you can take out the trash. You can organize your bookshelves every Wednesday. This way, you are keeping your place neat and practicing a good habit. Creating a list of everything that you want to get done may also be helpful for you.

In Conclusion

Your room is your sanctuary. So, it is best if you keep your place neat and tidy. These are only some of the simple hacks and stuff that can keep your room neat. Whether you are always busy or someone who dislikes organizing, these are some easy steps you can do. Think of the KonMari Method, tackle your stuff by category-by-category. It is just a simple thing, but most probably you will have the best outcome if you do it every day. Not only it will enhance your space but also when done correctly, it can give you the comfort that you need.

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