Does the Additional Cost of Serviced Offices Outweigh the Benefits?

Serviced Offices Benefits

The first question most people often ask me when discussing serviced offices is, “Why are serviced offices so expensive? You may get this answer either by visiting the office space or find it below.

But first, what are serviced offices?

A serviced office is a furnished office. All equipment and infrastructure required for a start-up are required. Also known as executive offices or managed offices, most serviced offices are located in the business districts of large cities.

Do serviced offices cost more?

Service offices literally feel expensive in comparison. But it’s like comparing apples and pies. Apples are cheaper, but that’s because they don’t include all the ingredients used in apple pie. The cake is ready. . ready for you to eat Moreover, it is more attractive.

Clerical support in serviced offices

At first glance, it might make you want to go to a regular office. But serviced offices don’t just charge for their area, or location, their charges include all the facilities and infrastructure. This includes furniture, maintenance, air conditioning, electricity, water, internet, housekeeping, security, etc. So when you pay for a serviced office, you get the whole package. They move out and go to work the next day.

I would argue quite the opposite, service offices are actually cheaper than regular offices. Don’t embark on office design. Because you don’t have to get furniture or other office equipment. They already exist in service offices.

If you need extra office equipment for part-time or his one-off gig, you don’t have to buy the equipment. Simply rent from your office provider. Please return it after use and pay only for one use.

Is it worth it to go for a serviced office?

After listing the benefits of a serviced office, decide for yourself.

Low initial cost: Serviced offices are available for short-term rentals for 3 months. With a serviced office, you don’t have to buy furniture, office equipment, and additional staff to complete your office.

Great location: Most serviced offices in Dubai are located in the heart of the business district. A prime location offers you the maximum

No additional costs: If you choose a regular office, you will have to pay for utilities, taxes, internet charges, etc. yourself. All of this is often included in a serviced office contract.

Pay-as-you-go features: When starting a new business, it’s often impossible to set everything up. All this takes time and money. A law firm with services does not require you to hire your own attorney or tax accountant. Simply pay for the service by the hour, as needed. A convenient way to save overhead.

Immediate availability: Serviced offices are immediately available. Once you have all the permits and paperwork in hand, office expectations can be very frustrating. In the meantime, I constantly change clothes in a supervised office.

Serviced offices have no hidden costs, but they do have hidden benefits. It’s these benefits that are worth the extra cost. You can cut your own hair, but you can almost always ask a stylist to do it for you. There’s no denying she does a much better job as the stylist is a professional, the stylist charges you extra money but on the other hand, she gives you the experience, time, and tools. and make you look your best.

Advantages of service offices

The benefits of serviced offices outweigh the costs. This is because when you rent a regular office space, you spend extra money turning that space into a proper office. You always choose the smart way to get rid of that stress.

Want to compare the cost of serviced and regular offices? Speak to us Our staff will be happy to give you a detailed breakdown of the prices for each. Remember to ask them if the price outweighs the benefits.

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