Expensive Elements Moving Internationally

What Are the Most Expensive Elements When Moving Internationally?

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Expensive Elements Moving Internationally

While you might think the most challenging part of moving is actually making the bold decision to leave your home, the expenses that can sneak up on you during the frantic moving process can also be a challenge to undertake. Moving to a new destination and leaving the comforts of home behind you is an intrepid determination, and it’s only possible to make such a move when you are aware of the costs associated with travelling abroad and how much you’ll have to dip into your wallet and savings to afford it.

to assist you, and acquiring the pricey essentials, can add up to a price you might not be expecting.

Find out the most expensive elements you should be aware of when you’re moving to an entirely new country.

Moving insurance

When you receive assistance from international moving companies, some offer you a basic moving insurance package. You’ll sometimes be required to pay some money if you want a more thorough insurance plan to protect your belongings that will be shipped. If you are shipping items high in value, your insurance will inevitably be high and can amount anywhere between $200 to $1000.


Depending on the country you move to and its requirements, you might need to obtain a visa before beginning your travels. Certain countries require visas with specific qualifications that the traveler must meet, such as completed paperwork and reasons for staying within a country for an allotted time (schooling, work, etc.). These visas will often have fees you’ll need to pay, ranging from $100 to over $1000. Your visa fee will vary depending on the country you are visiting (i.e. UK visas can cost upwards of $1000).


A large part of your expenses when moving abroad is shipping your belongings to your new home. The price of this massive undertaking is dependent on the weight of your belongings and the rate of the international movers you end up hiring to help you. More so, shipping expenses can also depend on the type of transportation that is used, how far away the destination is, and the season when you move. Shipping your belongings can cost around $1000, and if you need professionals to pack your belongings to ensure everything is properly secure, that initial cost can increase. If bringing your car abroad is necessary, that is another shipping cost you must factor in, as it can cost anywhere between $700 to $3000.


Depending on the objects you’re shipping and the country you’re transporting the items to, there are differing rules. For example, the United States often permits many household items to be transported from one country to another without rigid restrictions or duties, but other countries aren’t so lenient. Again, the rules outlined for many countries concerning transporting belongings are based on the item in question and its value. Still, typically, international duties will consist of 1.8% of an item’s buyer’s value.


Storage will be a significant investment when you’re travelling and making a permanent move to another country. If you have made plans to arrive at your new home, either before or after your belongings arrive, acquiring storage space to place your items will be good to have safely. Safekeeping your items in a new country is imperative to help you adjust, which is why many international travelers opt to get a storage unit. You will need to get a storage unit that is suitable for the number of items you’re bringing and is a unit that will be able to fit these items, no matter how large they are.

You will also pay more if you require specific features within your storage unit, like extra protection with security services or a confined area with regulated temperatures. You might have to pay anywhere between $100 to $300 per month to acquire a quality storage space.


Travel costs can always differ, but they will make a huge difference in the sum total of your move. Plane tickets can be affordable, but it all depends on how many tickets you need based on your household size, what international location you are going to, and when you buy the plane tickets. More so, your flight can only increase in cost if you bring large amounts of luggage. To save money when purchasing plane tickets, you should book your flight months in advance and not prolong buying the ticket until the last minute.

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