Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Drones for Real Estate Photography

Drones Real Estate Photography

Today, Real marketing is the most popular and demanding industry. People are more interested in investing their savings in property, and also now, in this cybernetic world, people can easily search for property. However searching for property through the internet can be challenging as there are many real estate marketers in the competition, so it can be challenging for the real estate industry to stand out in the game. With the advancement of technology, imaging properties have become more comfortable and convenient.

The business of real estate photography has reached the top, and now real estate photographers can capture the property from unique points and angles to make the property look mesmerizing and attract more buyers to the business. Nowadays, using advanced technologies in buying and selling real estate properties broadly determines the total benefit. With drones’ arrival, real estate photography has become much more widespread, more comfortable, and less costly than traditional methods.

In this fiercely competitive world of real estate aerial photography, you need to understand every aspect of real estate photography. Those who are new to real estate aerial photography need to know how it is done, its advantages or disadvantages, its cost, the features of using drones, and how to buy a good drone.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Drones for Real Estate Photography-


Creating more impressive images

With GPS features, drones can capture professional images of a home from different angles. Compared to ground-based photography, aerial photography is likely to draw more clients’ attention, especially those looking for expensive properties. This relationship for the estate is rather large for buyers to walk around and access in a general way, so using drones comes in handy. Thus, buyers can get the best glimpse of every corner at once to make the final decision.

Creating Virtual Tours

Because of programmable flight paths, an exciting tour of the home can be produced by drones’ impressions. The drone is designed to fly quickly throughout the home, from the front to the back, in every corner of the house. Such a tour is likely to impress customers much more than merely traditional-based photography. According to a recent report by multiple listing services, properties featuring aerial images are faster sold than those featuring virtually location-based photos.

Highlighting key features

With drone photography, you can capture the property’s unique features that you can benefit from, including backyards, landscaping pools, etc. Depending on the buyer’s demand, you can choose specific parts to highlight with drones. Just a drone photo of the entire yard would describe how extensive the property is.

Saves money

Aerial photographs used to be taken by pilots in helicopters, which cost real estate agents a considerable amount for overhead photos. As a result, drone photography was confined to high-end properties. However, drone invention has reduced aerial photography’s production expenses, assisting more buyers’ access to this modern technology.

 Creating a business opportunity

Showing aerial images in your listings is the right way of setting you different from the rest of the competitors. With the skill to use drones for real estate photography, you can impress potential sellers by being competent in advertising their property wonderfully. This way, it will improve visitor numbers to your website, and customers using your service will be significantly enhanced.


Short lifespan

The only cons of aerial photography are that the drone’s battery design has a smaller lifespan; the duration is only a few hours. As a result, you have to make sure that your device is charged to make it work properly.

Privacy concerns

With the fact that drones fly over to capture both property and its surroundings, this may arise with privacy for other neighbors living around. The drone may capture some unwanted shots, which in the future may convert into a big issue.

Security reasons

Using drones to catch the entire area can expose property exposure to invaders. And as all the images captured by the drones are published on online platforms and other advertising, the risk of the property being broken cannot be neglected.

Useful Features of Drones:

Following are some of the fantastic features that drone photography offers to a real estate agent:

Drone photography offers multiple uses

In the real estate business, real estate drone photography can help agents introduce various details to their potential buyers. The outside shots of the property capture the entire property’s aerial view while making clear the current situation of the roof and other unreachable features. More broadly, buyers can inspect the pathway, transportation means, and amenities within the property’s local area.

Dignified imagery is offered at a lower cost

The introduction of drones has lowered the expense of shooting elevated imagery with slightly priced models and camera attachments. Drones for real estate photography can capture both videos and stills, which depends on your equipment setup. However, expertise or significant experience is not mandatory for operating a drone. Instead, calm and handy are enough to create beautiful shots. At the same time, the cost of hiring a professional will be saved.

Raising an agent’s profile

Most home-buyers search for properties online before visiting physically. Therefore, to make your property sell faster, you need to make it more appealing to buyers. When it comes to selling a house, good videos play an important role because they are preferred because of their realistic and descriptive reflection. Videos of a property can show people properties from any location they want. While you can use edited images, the videos can highlight the whole property with all amenities.


Real estate drone photography has become the most popular and common method to grow the real estate business in this competitive world. Keep yourself updated with the latest technology and introduce it in your real estate marketing business to get the ultimate profit.

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