Best Tech Toys for Toddlers

Best tech toys for toddlers

Technology has become so mainstream these days that even in our kids’ toys, we look for items that are technologically advanced. The idea is to sharpen their creative acumen and enhance their skill. But, choosing the appropriate toy is important; something that will be an apt fit for the kid’s age. Here are the top 5 picks of tech toys for toddlers.

1. Sphero 2.0

The Sphero 2.0 robotic ball is the dream toy that parents could ever buy for the toddler. This robotic ball can be your child’s friend while you take him for a jog, glow, or see it swim, or you can use it to race the ball under the furniture and employ it as a game controller. Using this ball will help your kid grow his audio-visual capability as well as hone up his learning skill.

2. Osmo

Among the best inventions of recent times, Osmo is certainly the one. It’s been noted as the best toy for toddlers by Time Magazine. With the help of your iPhone, Osmo can be an interactive gaming space. Osmo can help kids grow their analytical and problem-solving skills. No doubt, the game itself is pretty encouraging for the kids.

3. Color Alive

With Color Live you can easily transform your art into 4D. Color Alive comes with seven crayons, including a special effects crayon. With the set of special effects crayons, you can add different characteristics, such as sparkles, glitters to any work of art.

4. Ubooly

Ubooly lets your kid learn a lot about responsibility and at the same time develop the self-esteem of your kids by taking care of pets (in fact a robotic pet). It is anti-allergic and helps kids grow and learn. The robotic pet can also tell jokes and bedtime stories to the kids and play games with them. This robotic pet can be customized as per the requirement of the kids and the kids can learn games, stories, adventures, and exercises.

5. MiP

This is intended more for fun than learning. It is basically a balancing robot that can be effortlessly controlled from your phone and in real-time. This can be operated from an iOS or Android phone and the users can draw paths for it to move on. As for the other advantages, MiP can easily carry its own weight. No doubt, every kid would love to have one personal robot.

Additionally, tollers also like electric robots, cameras, notepads, drones, walkie talkie, and RC cars.

There are plenty of other tech toys. Simply explore the market both online and offline and find the best product for your kid.

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