Advantages of Driving the New Kenworth T880

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Kenworth trucks are famous for their efficiency, durability, and performance. The T880 from Kenworth has risen above its predecessor when it comes to many of its features. The T800 has a very loyal customer base and has been running for over 27 years now. The T880 will now continue where the T800 left off, with uncompromising quality and performance.

A superb work truck

The Kenworth T880 is an ultra quiet professional vehicle, meaning that the driver can enjoy their long hauls in a virtually noise-free cabin. One of the reasons for this is due in part to the MX 13 Paccar engine, as well as the insulating cabin design. This design is also very aerodynamic. Additionally, the doors are well sealed and make it easier for the driver to enjoy music rather than any road noise. The T800 was a rugged model, but this T880 has been even further improved with its rugged components, including its top-rated tires.

Easy to use

When driving becomes more comfortable, truck drivers especially appreciate it on long hauls, and thankfully the T880 delivers. Generous storage space is guaranteed with a 52-inch sleeper cab, and safety has not been overlooked here either. It is easy to fit additional accessories that might be needed thanks to its size. Everything that contributes to a more comfy ride has been included. The truck sports a shorter hood, which is essential to provide the best sightlines over the front. Moreover, a 90-degree turning radius will be appreciated in any tight turns.

Powerful Engine

Apart from the Paccar MX-13 and Paccar MX-11, these heavy-duty are also available with a Cummins ISX12G engine, and this is for the natural gas enthusiast. There are no after treatment needs for this engine. This is because there are no filtrates left behind like with diesel. There is a Metton 5-piece hood, which is a strong plastic known for its durability. The hood and the assemblies are made of this material. If any fenders get damaged, they can be repaired in a couple of hours, which is what drivers need when they are on the move. Kenworth has also addressed the topic of serviceability. Kenworth offers a support system that no other manufacturer can beat. There are no time delays involved with any necessary bodywork. Tedious methods of body filler or panel repairs are eliminated.

The Kenworth T880 is designed to meet the requirements of any job that comes its way. This rig has become the first choice of truck owners for obvious reasons. It can be used as a dump truck, tanker, bulk truck or a logger. This is a versatile vehicle that looks forward to driving and delivering for years to come.

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