Top 10 Tricks To Increase Internet Speed in Android Mobile


The Internet has become the most deadly habit of humans. And in this era, everyone would like to use fast internet service at any location. So the best way is to use the mobile with android which gives fast operating. But we have to get such an internet connection which would work fast. Slow internet speed causes due to load in the network, bad signal strength, and congestion. Due to these facts, we suffer slow processing of the internet connection. How to avoid it? Here are the solutions to increase internet speed.

Tricks To Increase Internet Speed In Android Mobile


We have to clean up the cache memory. We should not fill it with unwanted data. Always this should be kept blank. Delete the data which is of no use. This could accelerate the internet speed

Another step to speed up your Android phone is to go for setting on the phone, then wireless and network and then move to GPRS transfer prefer than change to data prefer instead of caller prefer. This will help to increase data transmission which will increase the internet speed. Process to set: setting > wireless and network > GPRS transfer > data prefer.

To get more speed we should use Opera Mini and UC browser. This could accelerate the speed of the internet. Users’ view is to use the UC browser than any other browser. But Opera Mini is also good to be used.

Moving to the 4G network is the best way to use the internet in Android mobile. Although 4G is also good it depends on the network. So preferring to 4G is the best way for Android users. The way you set your mobile 4G: setting > wireless and network > mobile network > enable 4G.

We should avoid the application’s advertising when we open the page. Means when we log on to the internet connection some applications start accessing the background. This would reduce the downloading and browsing speed of the phone.

Network service is the main problem of internet use. If you don’t have a good network than register complain to the customer care of the preferred network. If such a problem is not solved than switch over to another network that has a good network at your place.

There are some Android apps to access your internet fast for network signal:

  • Network signal speed booster.
  • Network speed booster.
  • Android network 4G speed booster.
  • Signal Booster for Android.
  • Network signal booster deluxe.

When you use the internet don’t download any apps. This would slow down the use of surfing the internet.

Never install lots of software in your mobile, it gives a lot of load to the Android mobile and slows down the internet speed.

Some of the Android apps to boost up the speed of the mobile:

  • Boost Internet Speed
  • Fast Internet Speed Booster
  • Internet Booster
  • Super Internet Booster ++ Free
  • Internet Accelerator Booster.

So these are some of the tricks to using for boosting up of the internet. You must make sure that the Android phone which you use should follow all these tricks for the use of speed internet.

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