All You Need to Know About Streetwear Fashion


Want to look cool but don’t know where to begin. You’ve come to the right place. Kra` is the place where you’ll get all your answers when it comes to fashion. We have now decided to come out of the radar and dictate trends that are completely high on the fashion quotient yet accessible to everyone. Because we believe fashion should bring people together rather than create a divide. We are the voice of the underground culture; we want the people to create a roar without saying a word. We see ourselves as the voice of the street.

Some Tips About The Current Fashion Scene

  1. Oversized, buy everything oversized. Be it top-wear and even bottom wear, if you wear oversized, you’ll look uber chic. Fashion these days is all about comfort, gone are the days when people went all out to look stylish. Now, it’s all about athleisure, streetwear, to be more precise. Fashion is instant communication. Not dressing up is equally an option as looking glamorous and all-dressed up. We have the best collection of oversized tee shirts for men, they’re international and would make heads turn, trust us.
  2. Minimalism is the way to be. Minimalism is when the minimum is utilized to create maximum effect. It is when things are reduced to utility only, it stands for all things basic. It’s a lazy man’s blessing. You don’t need to wear more than two colors and monochromatic would be even better. The clothes don’t need to be fitted; baggy clothing is a sub-category of minimalism. You can check out monochromatic men’s tees, it’s going to your cart. Our minimalist baggy tee with kangaroo pockets is functional as well as stylish. You will not find anything as reasonable as this one for the days when you don’t want to put in too much effort.
  3. When minimalist fashion and oversized clothing have a baby, it forms hip hop fashion. Hip-hop clothing originated in the 70s, in America. It is all about oversized clothing, hooded sweatshirts, pants that are low-slung with chains hanging down, and hip-hop caps that make look super-cool. Slowly but steadily, it became a part of the mainstream fashion scene. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that hip-hop clothing is an emotion. Artists like Kanya West, Jay Z, Eminem, Wiz Khalifa, and Lil Wayne are usually seen sporting hip-hop kinds of clothing. Today, hip-hop clothing is a part of the luxury bracket, contrary to the way it started.

If you’re still clueless about what to wear, here’s a list that we’ve curated:

  1. Loose pants: Pretty self-explanatory, preferably low-waist, if you want to emulate Wiz Khalifa.
  2. Baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts: With a graphic print in the middle and loose, long and slightly hanging sleeves, would scream ‘street’ without doing too much.
  3. Bomber Jackets and Leather Jackets: These never go out of fashion and give off a boss vibe that’s undeniable.
  4. Baseball Caps: The front of this cap typically displays a logo or a design (usually a sports team or the brand that is selling it)

 The famous influencer Nick is our new Creative Chief as we as a brand resonate with his ethos and his mantra of ‘celebrating the streets’. Our fashion is every modern man’s preference because it’s easy and inspired by the streets of Paris and Milan, the fashion destinations of the world.

If you want swag, we’ll ship it to your address, literally. In metro cities, we deliver to you within 3-5 days and in non-metro cities, we take 5-7 days to deliver to you. Our returns are super-easy, all you have to do is write to us within 5 days of delivery and that too without any extra charges. Cash on delivery is also an option if you shop from us. If you want to buy a whole look, we have options for that as well. Nick has modeled certain looks that are, no guessing needed, our best looks. Check out his social media handle, if you like what you see, then you can look as cool as your favorite influencer, with just one tap on the screen.

We usually offer discounts on one thing or the other. Our khaki joggers will soon run out of stock, hurry up! You can wear them with absolutely anything, whether on a vacation or a brunch with family and friends.

If you’re coming to our page for the first time, go to the ‘shop the look’ collection and you’ll thank us later. You might have seen your favorite celebrity come out of a café wearing cargo pants that might have stayed in your head for weeks, here your quest for that piece of clothing ends. You won’t stop at just one, we can bet!

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