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Are the Eyes Still the Windows to the Soul?

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Eyes Soul

A lot of things have changed in the world over the years. Standards of beauty, for one, have changed to be more diverse. The world is taking a step forward in the direction of a more accepting atmosphere, where everyone can be who they are and do what they want with their body. It’s not a perfect system yet, but we’re getting there.

With that said, can we still consider the eyes as the windows to the soul?

Truth Can be Deceptive

As we’re transitioning to a non-binary world, there are several things we need to accept. First, we need to learn that it’s okay for people to go under the knife if it will make them feel better about their body. Second, no one is vain if they want to invest in eyebrow makeup for sale and other skincare products. Skincare is important; the fact that more people are spending time for self-care is not a bad thing. We need not be the sleepless generation anymore. Now, sleep is in, and so is wearing as much or as little makeup as you want.

Redefining Authenticity

Authenticity is not synonymous with natural, though they overlap in several areas. A person can be authentic even if they’ve had things done to improve their appearance. A person can claim to be natural but not be authentic to their friends. Authenticity is about self-acceptance. An authentic person will do what they feel is right no matter who they are talking to. Perhaps it’s better to look at one’s authenticity as the window to their soul.

Looking Beyond the Physical

The eyes can change with makeup, emotions, or even training. A person can master the art of deception through the use of their eyes. As physical features, they may even naturally look different over time. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the evolving standards of beauty, it’s that anyone is free to change their appearance temporarily or permanently. Therefore, it will be hard to judge one’s authenticity just because of their looks.

Perhaps the new argument is not between actions and words. These days, authenticity speaks louder than looks.

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