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The Best Coworking Locations In Singapore For Growing Businesses

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With so many great districts and locations for setting up your business in Singapore, it can be tricky to know where to get down to work. The best location for your business may depend on being close to others in your industry or niche. However, if you are interested in taking advantage of the more flexible contemporary coworking trend, you will see that it is easy to find a great location to grow a business in Singapore.

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Coworking in Marina Bay, one of the top business districts in Singapore, can add to your networking and productivity simply by virtue of the location alone. Coworking itself can also be a great way to collaborate and work alongside other like-minded professionals in a variety of industries. However, choosing a location is a task that should be done with some foresight.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best coworking locations in the city for growing businesses.

Marina Bay Area

With some of the best coworking spaces in the city, having an address that is based in the prestigious Marina Bay area is sure to get your business noticed by both international and local clients. With the combination of business and residential areas, as well as the variety of restaurants and entertainment centres, utilising a coworking space in Marina Bay is a great way to expand your business into the Singaporean marketplace.

Premium providers in this area offer high-speed internet connections, dedicated receptionist services, as well as printing and standard office amenities at affordable prices with flexible, month-to-month contracts

Raffles Place Area

The Raffles Place area is another great district to find a coworking space in Singapore. This financial hub houses several major banks and is part of the central downtown core. If you want to be close to the action and if your industry could benefit from proximity and easy access to extensive financial connections, then choose a coworking space in Raffles Place.

Orchard Road Area

Orchard Road is a major retail and shopping centre in Singapore with some great opportunities for coworking. If your business niche happens to be more retail-oriented in nature, then it could make a lot of sense to locate yourself close to where the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s shopping scene. The area does hold some prestige in the country’s business world and if you want to set yourself apart from the downtown financial area then this could be a good option for your coworking needs.

The area is also home to many public transportation connections which makes it highly accessible and easy to navigate. If you are interested in hopping on the train to explore the city during your lunch break, then consider the Orchard Road.

Tanjong Pagar Area

This historic district in Singapore is an interesting mix of residential and business. Here, you will find interesting and unique buildings next to skyscrapers and office towers. The area is located close enough to the docks and wharf to make it an excellent choice for companies heavily involved in importing and exporting.

Depending on your business niche or needs, the Tanjong Pagar area offers world-class coworking facilities in some of the most prestigious buildings in the city. Good transportation connections and a diverse offering of restaurants make this district appealing.

Singapore Is The Place To Do Business

Singapore itself is a great place to set up your business or to expand your business into the Asian marketplace. The highly business-friendly cultural climate allows for those entrepreneurs with good ideas and a clear vision to succeed. Scout out a location for coworking that fits your needs and reaps the business benefits that Singapore has to offer.

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