Austin Commercial Office Space Report Overview

Austin Commercial Office

Austin is a growing city in Texas and is a major financial, healthcare, and scientific center in the United States. It has a thriving economy and an increasing number of residents.

It’s also home to many nonprofit organizations, government buildings, medical facilities, and universities.
Office rents for Class A buildings were $35.47 per square foot in the first half of 2022.

Vacancy rates for office buildings in Austin dropped to 19.7 percent in 2022.

One of the most popular office developments in the United States is in Austin, Texas. There are many reasons why Austin makes such a good business place: it’s centrally situated, easy to navigate by both cars and public transportation, has plenty of restaurants and parks, and its workforce is highly skilled.

Austin Office Space Overview

This Austin office report shows that Austin is an attractive, fast-growth, and affordable market.
Highlights include:

  • Austin had a record-breaking average asking rate in Q1 of 2022.
  • Downtown Austin asking price for Class A properties is approximately $53.34 per sq ft.
  • First-year asking rents were above $50 per square foot.

Many small business owners are looking for office space downtown.

With its high livability, low costs of doing business, thriving technology sector, and plenty of available office space, downtown is an ideal location for startups.

Office Space Rents in Austin

Nationally, the national vacancy rate for offices hovers at 15.4 percent, and the average cost per square foot is $33.08. In Austin, Texas, the vacancy rate is 14.9 percent, and the average price per square

  • The average annual rental increase for office space in Yoy average was 4.49%.
  • Rental prices averaged $42.69/square foot.
  • An estimated 10.8 percent office vacancy was reported in 2020.

Rents are higher than the national averages, but vacancies are low.

Austin, Texas, has become one of the nation’s most popular hubs for startups and technology.
Austin has a vibrant technology scene and top-notch universities, offering an ideal environment for entrepreneurs.

Over the past decade, office rent growth in Austin has been quite substantial because of its relatively low cost of living, high livability, and fast-growing tech industry.

Near-Term Rent Changes in Austin

With a robust economic recovery, an expanding tech industry, and favorable tax breaks, rents are projected to rise in the coming year.

Many tech companies in the United States seek to rent office space in Austin.

Two main factors influence office rents in Austin. Supply and demand.

Since 2010, Austin has experienced a massive influx of new technology startups and firms moving into the city.
Because of this, there has been an increase in demand for office space in the area. This puts pressure on office rents across all categories.

The second factor is COVID-19, which has forced many companies and organizations to move their offices and operations to Texas.

This is because of the high quality of life, lower costs of livi­ng, and limited COVID regulations.
How Does 2023 Fare?

Although Austin has one of the lowest rates of vacant commercial real estate in the nation, it will still see an uptick in vacancies by 2023 as more buildings come online.

As the economy continues to grow, so will the demand for office space. As a result, rental prices will continue to increase.

Austin has experienced substantial growth in its tech sector, which will keep vacancies low.
The city will need more office spaces as more firms grow and move in.

Austin’s Investment Activity

Over the past several years, investment in the Austin office market has been significant.

Investors are expected to continue investing in Austin as they see it as a solid commercial real estate development market.

Austin’s tech sector is expected to continue growing. With the increasing number of companies moving into the city, there will be an increase in demand for commercial real estate in this market.

Austin’s Office Space Investor Forecast

Austin has become one of the country’s fastest-growing cities for office space, which makes it an attractive investment option for any investor.

Investors will be able to receive a premium rental price for their properties because they’re so popular.
As the economy continues to grow, so will the need for new offices. Therefore, there will be an increasing need for new building projects.

The area has an affordable cost of living, and several local businesses are growing there.

Investors looking for an office location in Austin should consider this report because it shows that Austin has a high growth rate.

It has a strong economy, so there will be an increasing need for office space.

And its location is central to many large metropolitan areas, including Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

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