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Baby Gifts: It’s the Thought that Counts

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The adage that when it comes to gifting it is not the size or cost of the present that matters but rather that it is the thought that counts are very true. But it is often a difficult philosophy to apply when buying a present for a baby. Because when does a baby really want aside from a breast, plenty of bed rest and a dry nappy? It is true, babies want for little else, which means it can seem very hard trying to get them something where thought counts. But the reality is that there are plenty of things that babies need and from which they will benefit, that they know nothing about. And we are here to help you to find those things.Baby gifts

Make it easier

Being is a baby is not as easy as it looks. For a start almost everything that you do is new. And you, as an adult, how doing something for the first time can be quite unnerving. So, imagine what it must be like for a baby. Okay, maybe we are exaggerating a little but still, there is so much going on and you simply don’t have the language or the worldliness to know what it is. Like teething for example. Imagine the pain and discomfort of having your gums cut apart from the inside. So, look for gifts that will help manage these types of situations. A teething giraffe looks good, is super trendy and it can help to ease the pain of a process that is simply unavoidable. It is a gift that will be appreciated by both toddler and parents.


An investment in education is a very good investment. And while you could do something like put money into an account for the little one that will one day go towards funding their time at university, you are better off buying something that will work in a more immediate time frame. Books are a great start. Or mobiles. Or puzzles. Or games with shapes and blocks. Spend some time to find something age-appropriate but remember that it is never too early to stimulate a child. A mobile (not a phone but the thing that hangs over the cot) might seem pretty lame, but studies have shown that children who had mobiles as infants are sharper and more focussed than those who were left to stare at the ceiling.

A baby can never look too goodgift a Teddy valentines day

Clothes are an area where you simply cannot go wrong. Babies grow very quickly, clothes are expensive. Babies also have the habit of soiling their clothes frequently, which means their outfits spend a lot of time in the washing machine. The point is, clothes are not only practical they are greatly needed, and they are also things that will be seen for years to come in photographs and in social media posts. And remember, the clothes that your gift don’t even have to be new – there is nothing wrong with gifting second-hand items. Babies grow so quickly the clothes that your children wore have often only been put on five or six times before they have become too small to fit.

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