Simple Wedding Gift Ideas

5 Sweet and Simple Wedding Gift Ideas

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Simple Wedding Gift Ideas

Weddings are a big occasion. The expectation with such a special occasion is to find a gift for the happy couple. The pressure to find the right gift for them can be hard to discern.

A good wedding gift doesn’t need to be super extravagant or over the top – it can be simple and sweet.

Here are a few simple but sweet wedding gift ideas that will be appreciated!

A Commissioned Print

You can deliver a uniquely sweet and simple wedding gift through a commissioned print. Don’t just get any print. Get one that’s personalised and sentimental. You can find various creative concepts for a commissioned print. For instance, there is one where you can get a map of the stars on the day of their wedding. Not only will it make for a sweet reminder of their special day, but it’s simple enough that it would work for any of the decorations in their home. They will cherish a commissioned print since it’s a gift like no other -blending uniqueness and sentimentality beautifully.

A Wedding Keepsake

A couple’s wedding is one of the happiest days in their lives. Why not keep something from it to remind them of their special day? If you can’t commission a sentimental print, you can always get creative by making the happy couple a shadowbox. A shadow box might sound spooky, but it’s the furthest thing from it! They’re an enclosed glass-front display case containing an object in a thematic grouping with artistic or personal significance. In this case, you can use something like their wedding invitation to make it the centerpiece of their shadow box while adorning it with photos of the couple and various associated things. It easily makes for a lovely, simple, but sweet gift!

A Wedding Gift Basket

Wedding gift baskets embody sweetness and simplicity without a doubt. It’s simple because it’s one big basket you can fill up with goodies and treats. The concept of a wedding basket is simple, but it’s effective since you can curate what can be included. You can include their favourite bottle of wine that they can share amongst themselves during their honeymoon. The sweetness aspect of a gift basket easily comes from being able to add sweet treats like decadent chocolates. Plus, you can put in items that you know they would personally like – which is another type of sweetness. You honestly can’t go wrong with a wedding gift basket!

Treat to a Romantic Dinner

After the wedding festivities and the honeymoon is over, the married couple will have to return to their regular routine. Usually, afterward, it makes it harder for them to go on dates together after spending so much on their wedding. Giving them a gift card or money towards their favourite restaurant or a fancy gourmet restaurant would be greatly appreciated. It’s certainly a simple gift, but one that’s sweet because it shows you care for their happiness. Plus, by treating them, you can guarantee they don’t pass up on it. How can you say no to delicious food and a romantic evening with your new spouse? You can rest assured that the newlyweds will receive it well!

Give Embroidered Linens

Some couples’ wedding registries typically add home essentials like towels, comforters, or blankets. Instead of getting something generic that won’t mean much beyond functionality, how about personalising them? You can do that by finding a way to embroider onto their linens. It’s easy to get embroidery work done, especially if you add the couple’s initials or a small special message. The cost would be even less expensive if you could embroider well yourself! This gift idea is pretty simple, but it’s sweet in that it transforms regular linens into something that has become theirs.

A wedding gift doesn’t need to be over the top to be loved and appreciated. Hopefully, this list of sweet and simple wedding gift ideas gives you an idea of what to give to the happy newlyweds in your life!

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