Guide to Play Bocce Ball

A Beginner’s Guide to Play Bocce Ball

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Guide to Play Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is not a new sport. Originated in 5200 B.C, this game has a history that many people are unaware of. However, nowadays, bocce ball is becoming quite popular as a game that can be played professionally and socially. Simply put, Bocce Ball is a game that consists of 9 balls, two teams, and a flat surface. It is a relatively easy game, so anybody can play it without much practice and training.

If you want to know how to play bocce ball, here is a quick guide. 

What will you need?

Are you planning to play some bocce ball on your trip to the beach? Then you need a bocce ball set. There are two things that you will find in a bocce ball.

  1. Pallino Or Jack: This is a small-sized ball used to mark the position where the bocce balls need to reach. More like this is the target ball. 
  2. Bocce Balls: There are eight bocce balls that you will find in the set. These balls are more significant with a diameter of 4.5 inches compared to pallino with a diameter of 4.5 inches approximately. The balls will be in 2 colors, which means you will get four bocce balls of the same color.

In some game sets, you can find a measuring tool as well. This helps measure the distance of the bocce balls and the jack for scoring after finishing around. 

Playing Court

For playing bocce balls, you can choose a straight and smooth surface. For regulated games, a special bocce ball court is used. This court is lined with grass and has dimensions of 91×13 feet. It is outlined with a raised border that prevents the balls from rolling out. But, when you are playing for fun and recreation, there is no need to use a court. You can choose any flat surface of grass, turf, or sand. Outline rectangular shape around the area where you will play.

Make a central line and two marker lines on two ends, leaving 10 feet on both sides. The player will have to stand beyond the marker line to throw the ball. 

Rules Of Playing Bocce Ball

For those who want to know how to play bocce ball, follow these easy steps:

  • Divide the players into two teams.
  • The first team member will throw the jack or pallino to set the target. It should fall past the centerline.
  • Now, the same player will throw their bocce ball. They need to throw the ball as close as possible to the jack.
  • Then, the next player will throw their bocce ball. They will try to throw the ball closer to the jack.
  • Every player will throw their bocce balls alternatively.

A few tips for throwing bocce balls are:

  • Make sure to throw the ball underhanded.
  • You can hit the jack and other bocce balls as part of the strategy.
  • Scoring is done after both teams throw all the balls. 

Scoring Rules of Bocce Ball

One round of throwing bocce balls is called a frame. After completing one frame, the teams are allotted their scores. The team that has thrown at least one bocce ball closest to the jack will be scored.  They will get one point for each closest ball compared to their opposing team.

If a ball is touching the pallino, the team gets 2 points. Also, if the opposition team balls are at the same distance, it is a tie, and no one gets a score. Multiple frames are played in this game. The final score is 12, and the team that reaches the score first is the winner.

You can easily play this game with an even number of friends. It is a simple game that will help pass your time next time outdoors.

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