Top Outdoor Furniture Trends You Should Follow This Year

Outdoor Furniture Trends

Design trends are constantly changing, and outdoor furniture style is not an exception. This year, hot garden and patio looks are to a degree inspired by popular décors, such as African, Scandinavian, boho, and shabby chic. Decorative eclecticism is also there for the taking for homeowners who dare to look beyond individual styles and let their imagination guide them. If you are not design-savvy or just need a nudge in the right stylistic direction, check out these four outdoor furniture trends, and feel free to steal the one you like most.

1. Mix it up for added fun

Eclectic garden and patio furnishings made from different materials such as wood, metal, and fabrics offer a convenient way to spice up the ambiance outdoors. Modernist seating made from metal and wood coupled with cushions adds visual diversity to living areas al fresco, but it also requires regular cleaning and protection from the elements. For a playful dose of contrast, bring out a sturdy teak table with stainless steel legs, pair wood, and resin elements, add pastel pillows to a rattan armchair, and mix up wicker chairs with a glass-top iron-legged table, or round off a bench table with a quality outdoor fabric. Waterproof outdoor fabrics are an excellent addition to any garden setting, as they help protect wooden surfaces from rain and intense sunlight and liven up the look without breaking the bank.

2. Upcycle for platform seating

Low seating is highly trendy these days, and it can be created the DIY way for maximum savings. Platform furniture went viral last year and judging by its enduring popularity, it is yet to see its golden era in garden design. Low seating made from discarded shipping pallets exudes casual vibes, and if upholstered and maintained properly, it can last longer than metal or bamboo outdoor furniture. Another reason why outdoor furniture designers are fond of pallet furniture is its flexibility – in a matter of hours, a DIY coffee table can be transformed into a chaise, daybed, or bench, and multifunctional pieces are always a much sought-after feature in modern décor. Additionally, custom booth seating Brisbane furniture is an ideal choice for more people seating in the outdoor area.

3. Rattan, bamboo, and wicker are in

Wicker, bamboo, and rattan outdoor furniture are still trendy, and its persevering fame is mainly due to designers’ growing love for natural elements. Handmade sensitive wood furnishings do have their drawbacks, though: they require greater care and proper storage during seasons of high humidity, but outdoor furniture designers seem to be unfazed by the downsides. If you are aiming for a dose of natural patio or garden elegance, wicker and rattan is a perfect furnishing choice: not only will they blend in with the rest of the area, but they will also bring out the best from it.

4. Interiors and outdoors collide

More and more people are beginning to appreciate the appeal of seamlessly blended interior and garden décors, so comes as no surprise that outdoor designs this year often mimic their indoor counterparts. This season, take your home style out into the backyard and deck your patio with furniture that might as well be placed in the living room. In addition to producing a well-rounded home ambiance, indoor-looking garden furniture can be brought into the guest room or living area at the end of the sunny season without compromising the existing home decor.

Design trends come and go, but that does not mean you should throw just about any piece of plastic or synthetic resin out into your lovely garden. Outdoor areas are a part of your home, too, and they should be treated as such: tend to your patio and backyard furniture with tenderness, love, and care, and it will return the favor through top-notch visuals and lasting charm.

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