Benefits Carrot Juice

Benefits of Carrot Juice – The Nutritional Powerhouse

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Benefits Carrot JuiceThis versatile vegetable – CARROT, is not only ‘red’ in color, but just like its color, it helps in transforming our dull cheeks into red chubby ones. They are not only sweet, fresh, and delicious, but also have a wide array of health benefits as well. You may have it or not, but after knowing the advantages of its intake, you will surely die having it. From improving the immunity in the body to protecting skin and eye health, it even helps in fighting chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. If you don’t like it as a vegetable, no issues. By blending it in a juicer you will get a wealth of valuable nutrition and a concentrated dose of their healing power. So, let’s have a look at a few exciting benefits of carrot juice.

Benefits Of Carrot Juice…

  1. Promotes Heart Health – Intake of organic fruits and vegetables automatically reduces the Herat disease risk. Drink almost fifteen fluid OZ of carrot juice daily, as it helps in suppressing the oxidative degradation of lipids.
  2. May Help Reduce Cancer Risk – High intake of carrots leads to a low incidence of urothelial cancer. It acts as an excellent source of bioactive chemicals for aiding leukemia treatment. The extract from the carrot induces apoptosis and causes a cell cycle arrest in leukemia cell lines.
  3. Protects and Enhances Your Eyesight – As carrot juice contains lutein which is a powerful antioxidant, it helps in preventing several eye diseases. Even the carotenoids in the mixture protect the retinal ganglion cells. A glass or two per day will work fine.
  4. Brightens Your Skin – Who doesn’t like it? The carrot compound comprises of photoprotective properties and helps in glowing your skin. The beta-carotene in the mixture possesses healing properties and scavenges free radicals in order to protect the skin tissues.
  5. Improves Brain Health – The carrot mixture helps in keeping the memory sharp and even improves brain health. It boosts cogitation, reduces stress, and cuts down the risk of age-related memory problems. The portion of potassium in it helps in fighting various diseases and maintaining stableness.

How To Prepare A Glass Of Fresh Carrot Juice?

A glass of smooth carrot juice is not even delicious but also healthy to have wale in breakfast. The mixture helps in boosting the nutrition level, which in turn helps in improving the absorption of nutrition. In order to prepare a glass of fresh carrot juice you must be ready with the following ingredients: –

  1. 500grams of fresh and tender carrot
  2. 1inch of ginger (make it half for kids)
  3. 3 oranges / 2-3 pears / 5-6 tangerines / 2 lemons (you can use any of these which have instantly available)
  4. 1 cup of warm water if made in a blender.

Now it’s the time to prepare and organize the ingredients:

  1. Wash the carrot under running water. Use can use a vegetable scrub or bush to wash it clean. Rinse each portion well.
  2. For 30 minutes soak the carrots in a large pot filled with clean water.
  3. If the skin is damaged, it is advisable to remove it.
  4. If you are making the juice in a mixer or blender, cube them into 1 punch piece.
  5. Add the pieces into the mixer or blender with the other above-mentioned ingredients.
  6. In order, you are using a juicer or blender, but the pieces in such a manner that it suits the juicer chute.

Then comes the step-by-step procedure to make a refreshing glass of carrot juice:

  1. After adding the ingredients in the manner explained above, run the machine by keeping a hand on top of the cap of the mixer.
  2. Once you feel it’s done, pass it through a strainer/filter and collect the juice in a fresh glass.
  3. Serve the mixture fresh and immediately

So, if you are coming from your sweating workout or leaving for work, or going to sleep a glass of fresh carrot juice can help in maintaining a healthy body.

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