Keeping Spices Fresh

8 Tips for Keeping Spices Fresh and Ready to Use

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Keeping Spices Fresh

The kitchen is one of the favorite spaces for most women globally. Nowadays, men also have a great interest in cooking, and they are trying to catch up with the space. When the space is ours, we try to keep them more impressive and lovable. Since cooking is mainly about the ingredients we use for the dish, it is essential to have good quality ingredients. Sometimes, even though we have good ingredients, it is vital to store them properly for better benefits and the needed results. Spice boxes are perfect since they can save your products and components for a longer period of time. Here are some of the tips to store spices fresh for a longer time period:

1. Store Them in Airtight Containers

Air Tight Containers are one of the best ways to store them. When they are stored in such containers, they help maintain the benefits and seal the pros being available in the ingredient. Choosing this type of container will help preserve the freshness of the product.

2. Better in Dark Spaces

Always choosing dark places will be perfect if you want to store the product for a more extended period to maintain its positiveness. Spice boxes or spice Canisters are an ideal type of container that helps keep the goodness of the creation.

3. Away from Moisture

Since we have all the ingredients near, it is sometimes possible that water or some liquid substance will enter the spice storage container. If you notice such a kind, it is essential to immediately dry them well in the sun, wipe the container without a drop of water, and then store them accordingly. When the spices are dry, they last longer and give better results.

4. Store In Better Materials

All the kitchen materials are stored in wooden boxes or silver tins in the initial days. But as the trend and technology grow, there are many different kinds of materials like metal containers, glass jars, and many more. It is better to prefer wooden materials for the spices to stay longer and give better results or results. Airtight lids will be perfect if you want to seal their moisture for more extended periods.

5. Shelf Life

Generally, the shelf life of spices will be for a year or two. It is always better to get in small quantities rather than bulk. When you can get the bulk, storage plays a vital role in maintaining them. Always store them in the dark and when filling the jars, try to dry them well before storing them again.

6. Sun Dry

If you are storing and keeping spices for a more extended period, like a year or couple of years, it is essential to store them according to your needs. For example, if you are holding cardamom, the things to be noted are the smell should last long and keep them away from moisture. For the scent to last long, it should be stored in a nice airtight container of any

materials like glass, silver, or wooden boxes. To keep them with the best results, dry them in the sun once in a while for 5 – 10 min, so the smell does not go out.

7. Using Sealer Bags

Sealer bags are perfect for storing them when you have a limited amount of space. One of the best ideas is to store them and seal different spices in a single container or box. They help restore or restock the freshness of the product; They also preserve your spices and herbs for 6 months.

8. Freeze Them

It is good to store the spices in the refrigerator if you have them in bulk. Then, when you are about to use them, sundry for a day or two, and then you can use them. But the freshness will be reduced to an extent, and even the fragrance or smell of the product will be reduced.

Some of the frequently asked questions while storing the spices are:

Can the spices be stored in plastic bags

It is generally not advised to use plastics since they are not recyclable and cause more damage to mother nature. Even though it is okay to store, make sure to use glass jars, good quality zipper bags, and metal or silver jars for choosing environmentally friendly products.

How do you seal a spice bag?

When you have opened a spice packet of any kind of spices, it is essential to store them properly to use after some time. Make sure to seal with some sound clips, transfer to a jar or container, or just seal the packet and store it in an air-tight container.

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