7 Benefits Of Marrying During The Off-Season

Benefits Marrying During Off-Season

Love is in the air and the Weddings are here. Even though it’s only love that makes the weddings happen, external factors like culture, religion, weather, and others influence the timing of the celebrations. Off-season weddings can be good ideas who want to save money, avoid wedding and party rush, and enjoy weddings in a relaxed and stress-free time. Most people want to get married before and after the winter season. But few people dare to get married when others are just planning.

What’s it with the wedding season? 

So there are some popular wedding dates in the year when everyone wants theirs to happen. In India especially amongst the Hindus, all throughout the year barring the Chaturmas, there are many auspicious wedding dates and almost everyone plans to get married on them. Interestingly, some are more auspicious than others and attract more weddings accordingly.

So what’s this off-season we are talking about? 

Although all dates other than the Chaumasa are auspicious, some are considered more auspicious for weddings than others. It’s the concentration of such “more auspicious dates” that gets called the season. But remember that all other dates are “not inauspicious” as any pundit will tell you. Even during the Chaturmas, the Navaratri days are auspicious, but people avoid them because of the restrictions on serving non-veg and alcohol. These are what we call the off-season.

Do remember that invitations still need to be sent out much in advance, even if you are planning to get married in the off-season. Especially when ordering wedding invitations, you should plan to order them 3-4 months in advance so that you have enough time to distribute them to your guests.

An off-season wedding is like an off-season holiday

Just as you plan your holiday, an off-season gets you fewer crowds, lower rates, easy bookings, and easy planning.  Similarly, if you leave aside the very popular “wedding saaya” dates, you will find all the advantages of off-season planning, without anything inauspicious. If the weather is not hostile then almost all around the year you will find enough auspicious but off-season dates.

Happy marriages take place all year around

Amongst most other religions,  practicality is above anything else and weekends become the preferred option. You will all agree that Hindus are not the only “happily married” people in this world. So just find a convenient time and date that suits you and your partner and be happily married ever after. After all, a happy start is a good start.

So, don’t be fixated on any particular season, go and start purchasing your wedding clothes, and wedding jewelry.

Top 7 benefits of an off-season wedding 

  1. Finally, you can get the wedding planner you want. 
  2. Your wedding planner finds it easy to do the best for you in your budget.
  3. Lots more venue and hotel options become available than otherwise.
  4. You can always negotiate better discounts from your preferred venues and hotels.
  5. Caterers, decorators, photographers, and other services become more reasonable.
  6. Your guests are also not committed to clashing dates with other weddings.
  7. Last but not least, even your honeymoon destinations are spared the rush.


Getting married during the off-season can bring you many advantages. It can save you money, make it easier to book venues and vendors, offer a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere, and even provide unique and cozy options for your wedding. Plus, it may allow you to enjoy better weather and more attention from your chosen professionals. So, consider tying the knot during the off-season for a more budget-friendly and stress-free wedding experience.

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