Benefits Single Storey Home

Skip the Steps: Benefits of a Single Storey Home

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Benefits Single Storey Home

Some people may dream of living at eye-level with the trees or having the tallest house on the block. However, the smart money is on buying a single-storey home. What you lose in height, you can more than makeup for in other ways. Single storey homes can be safer, cheaper, quieter, and faster to build. To help convince you even more, here are five reasons why a single-storey home may be the best bet for your money.

1. You Can Save on Living Space

Stairs can take up to 100 square feet of living space away from your floor plan. By skipping them, you can get that space back. Single-storey homes often feel larger and more open than multi-story homes, as all of the living space is visible instead of being tucked away upstairs. You may also have more customisation options when you are building a new home. When it comes to single storey offers many design firms and builders to choose from. Take some time today to research them and see if you can find the right fit for you.

2. You Can Build Faster

Building your own home can be a time-consuming process, but you can save a lot of time by opting for a single storey. Among the different build times for different house plans single storey options require the lowest build times. Having stairs and multiple floors requires a more complicated and specialised build. In addition to needing a construction crew with the skills to build a multi-storey home, you may also need specialised equipment such as taller cranes, longer and stronger beams, and more wiring and plumbing work. This will all add time and cost to your construction timeline and could delay your move-in date. Having a single-storey house plan will help negate these extra expenses.

3. You Can Age in Place

Another major benefit of a one-storey home is that you can be in your home for many years to come. As you age, you may find stairs and multiple levels harder to navigate. In fact, many people move out of their multi-storey houses and into single storey options as they get older. That may mean leaving behind years of memories. You can avoid having to make that move by opting for a single storey home at the start. To get an idea of how these may suit you, check out some single storey display homes in your area.

4. You Can Prevent Falls & Accidents

Old age isn’t the only time when accidents on stairs can occur. Everyone, from young children to adults, is at risk of a misstep and injury on the stairs. Young children especially may try to navigate the stairs before they are ready, which puts them at serious risk for falls. When it comes to house plans single-story models may offer the least risk for slips and falls. So the next time you ask yourself why people have single-story houses? know that it might be for the added safety.

5. You Can Enjoy the Quiet

A final reason why single storey homes are preferred by so many is that they may be quieter. You won’t hear footsteps or other noises above your head. You may also be able to block out noises from other rooms more effectively, such as placing kid bedrooms and adult bedrooms at opposite ends of the home. You could also separate loud areas, such as the kitchen and living room, from bedrooms. This can add to the peace and quiet of your home, making it even more enjoyable for you and your family. Take some time to find out more about all the single storey home designs.

While a multi-story home may look grand from the curb, it isn’t always the best housing option for you and your family. A single-storey home can be built faster, use living space more effectively, help minimise noise, and even offer greater safety and more years of use. Check out the single storey house and design plans near you today to see for yourself.  You’ll be able to feel even more at home knowing that you’ve made the best choice for your family.

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