Benefits of Using Animated Video ads to Enhance Marketing

Benefits Animated Video ads

In this digital era, marketers think of innovative ideas to boost their marketing activities. Nowadays, businesses use animated video ads to convey their message to the audience effectively.

Animated video ads have become the first preference of marketers. The animated video commercials are engaging because these videos entertain the viewers and promote your product or service.

People prefer to watch videos that highlight personal and brand stories. Animated video commercials are an ideal way of marketing.

You can use various effects and styles in your animated videos to capture the audience’s attention. It allows you to think out of the box and promote your products, services, and ideas.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the benefits of incorporating animated video ads and how they help your business to grow.

What is animated advertising?

In animated advertising, we use animated video ads. These ads usually have a 15 to 60 seconds duration that helps promote the products or services. Animated video commercials entertain the viewers because these ads are creative and engaging.

Most companies use them to enrich their marketing activities on social media, TV, mobile applications, and website. Animated videos help businesses in achieving the following business objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness. An animated video ad is beneficial in conveying your brand’s message to the new target audience and capturing their attention. In comparison, other videos, such as explainer videos, help in increasing the audience engagement with the existing customers. You can use animated video commercials to tap the new market segment and build your brand personality.
  • Increase conversion rate. Animated video commercials are one of the most effective tools that help companies explain a product’s or service’s benefits and features to the viewers. You can incorporate it into blogs, social media platforms, and websites. It also helps businesses in improving their conversions on online platforms.
  • Boost your sales. In recent years video has become a significant source of gaining information. As per the research of Statista, there were over 2.6 billion content viewers online, and in 2022, these numbers have increased. So, you can improve your audience engagement with animated video ads and use ads on various digital platforms.
  • Use it in your product launch. Animated video ads are an ideal way to highlight the features and benefits of your new product to the viewers. It enables marketers to highlight the unique selling proposition of a product or service to the target audience.

Reasons to Use Animated Ads in your Marketing Strategy

Animated video ads are one of the best marketing tools that give businesses many benefits. It helps in engaging the audience with visually appealing animations.

Nowadays, people love to watch video ads instead of reading textual content. Use animated video commercials to deliver your message to the audience.

Let’s look at the key reasons why you should use animated video ads to enrich your marketing activities.

Use Creativity to Build your Brand Image

Modern customers feel bored when they watch conventional promotional messages and advertising. It is essential to use creativity and fresh ideas in an advertisement. You can showcase your team’s creativity and unique ideas with an animated video ad.

The beauty of these video ads is that it makes the boring concepts easy to understand, and you can explain the benefits of your product. Moreover, it captures the audience’s attention and engages them to build their interest in your brand’s product or service.

It Turns Complicated Concepts into an easy-to-understand message

Using animated videos has become the first preference of marketers. It is one of the most effective tools that help deliver complex ideas in a simple message to the audience.

The best thing about animated video ads is that you can use various situations to explain complicated concepts easily. Animation helps in engaging the audience with fun elements.

It Improves Audience Engagement

Animated video commercials have become an essential online marketing tool. Businesses that use animated videos have experienced a significant increase in lead generation, customer acquisition, and audience engagement.

Using animated video ads in marketing strategy helps grab the audience, and you can convey your brand’s message to them. These video commercials make your customers loyal to your brand.

It improves the conversion rate and increases your customer base.

Animated Videos are a Budget-friendly Option

Some people wrongly perceive that an animated explainer video is a costly option. Animated video is an affordable tool; unlike live-motion videos, you don’t need to hire artists, rent locations and decorations, etc. It is a cost-effective way of marketing.

You can create a complete video with narration and script in animated video production in one studio.

So, investing in animated video ads unlocks the doors for various business opportunities for your organization.

You might be wondering about the animated video cost; animation production companies charge between $7,000 to $20,000 per minute.

It helps in Delivering Consistent Content Flow

You can use animated video ads to explain the concept easily to the audience step by step.

It has become one of the best tools to connect with viewers and educate them about your product or service. Moreover, you can explain to your audience how your product or service functions and how it fulfills customer needs and makes their lives easier.

Closing Remarks

So, you have learned about the benefits of using animated video commercials in marketing strategy. Digital marketing is evolving rapidly, enabling marketers to use various tools to enhance their marketing strategy.

In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the use of animated video ads. It has huge marketing potential, and businesses benefit greatly from it. That is why every organization uses animated videos to convey complicated ideas in easy-to-digest messages.


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