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4 Ways How Explainer Animation Videos Can Save Your Business from Falling Apart

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Explainer Animation Videos

According to BLS, every business can fall within the first year; in the US alone, 25% will bite the dust by the first two years.

But the digital revolution is throwing numerous lifebuoys for saving the drowning business worldwide.

You can see explainer animations in almost every big – medium and small business, from Google to Dropbox. Every corporation is immensely using an explainer video.

Let’s learn five powerful aspects of an explainer animation that can work as a saving grace for your new company.

Explainer Animation Explains Your Business

It is a no-brainer. It is the fundamental characteristic of an explainer video to explain the features and benefits of your business to your potential customers.

If your end-users do not get your product or service, their decision-making process will hamper, resulting in them bouncing away.

An explainer video will solve this issue by addressing a core feature or benefit right away for the audience to make them have that ‘aha!’ moment.

Explainer Animations Can Establish The AIDA Model

Your business cannot thrive unless you’re following any revenue-generating advertising model.

AIDA is one of those kinds of models that helps your audience to convert as your loyal customer. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Explainer animated videos’ first goal is to make the audience interested in your product and grow interested within the first 30 seconds. Then it can arouse your potential customers to have a desire to own your product.

The action part is the call to action, and every single explainer animation will have that at the end of the video. Either visit the store or contact you via phone or email.

Explainer Videos Are The Gateway To Digital Marketing

So you have finally decided to produce an explainer video? Stop! You need to know few things to ensure that it can reach your audience; otherwise, it will be a sitting duck on your Facebook page, and no one will ever convert from it.

An explainer video will introduce you to ad campaigns, where you promote your animated video to the right people.

Additionally, explainer videos also need scripting, and a Google readable script needs keywords, so you need an SEO consultant to find the rank able keywords for your writing. It goes on a long way.

In short, for the explainer video, you have to start diving down the rabbit hole of digital marketing, which by the way, is how any business services the first two years of doom.

An Explainer Video Can Define Your Brand

Without brand identity, you cannot move along the Desire part in the AIDA marketing model discussed above.

Explainer video contains tons of brand elements like texts, copy, font, color, characters, mascot, and many more.

Often, new business starts without proper brand guidelines. Still, as soon as they start hiring an animation production company to create the winning explainer video, the rest of the puzzle pieces falls on the right spot.

Conclusion: Even many business owners count explainer video as just a video, but in reality, it can work as life support of your business if you’re serious about your business.

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