Benefits to Take L Carnitine Before or After Workout

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Benefits-L-Carnitine-WorkoutFor athletes and bodybuilders, L Carnitine is a popular supplement that is used for fat-burning fat and extra calories. It helps in increasing muscle power and enhancing performance. The right dose of L Carnitine can increase your endurance and thus helps you make the most of your workout session.

But, before you probe more into the benefits of L Carnitine,  it is important to know the best time to take it.  According to the experts, the best time to consume  L Carnitine is after a  tough workout session. Let’s explore why:

L Carnitine after a workout

After a tough workout or body-building session, our energy level becomes depleted and used up. This is the time when your energy needs to be replenished. L carnitine helps in replenishing that energy by transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria which generate energy.

While L carnitine can be naturally received from foods like red meat, avocado, soy, and other animal products, the experts recommend it before using it especially to those who are engaged in bodybuilding, muscle training, and similar exercises.

The supplement is also recommended for vegans and vegetarians as the content of this element is reportedly low among them. Hence, when they are going to muscle training, this supplement becomes necessary.

L carnitine can also be consumed with carbohydrate-rich meals after the workout. Since L carnitine improves the insulin actions in the liver, your energy level is doubled after its consumption.  But, if you are planning to have L Carnitine especially for weight loss, then you must have it during the heaviest meal of the day.

Here’s a look at how L Carnitine helps in Post Workout Session

L Carnitine after Workout

L carnitine after a workout offers a host of benefits. Here’s a look into these.

  • As a supplement, L carnitine accentuates the post-workout recovery. It attenuates muscle damage due to heavy workouts and reduces soreness. The process helps in the healthy function of the muscles so that the levels of HDL are increased.
  • It reduces purine and protein catabolism in the post-workout phase.
  • L Carnitine provides complete protection from oxidative stress, which essentially happens after a workout due to malondialdehyde.
  • Consuming L carnitine after a workout helps in maintaining the healthy function of the skeletal muscles that reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). Thus, it reduces various health hazards as well.
  • According to various clinical studies, L Carnitine, unlike other antioxidants does not necessarily interfere with muscle protein synthesis.
  • Various clinical researches have identified the potential effects of L carnitine L-carnitine to improve your performance during aerobic and anaerobic exercises as well as bodybuilding.

L Carnitine When Consumed  Before Workout

While offering a plethora of benefits after the workout,  L Carnitine can also offer several benefits if consumed before the workout.  It comes with an amazing fat-burning capacity. Thus, when it is consumed before exercised it burns your fat and produces energy that allows you to exercise for longer. This becomes extremely useful especially when you are performing high-intensity exercise.

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