How the Unitree PUMP Set Redefines Portable Fitness

Unitree PUMP Set

Setting up a home gym is the best way to stay consistent with your workout regime. Efficient and portable home gym equipment such as resistance bands allow you to do most of the body workouts that people perform in the gym with heavy gym equipment. It Is easier for you to manage and do exercise at home.

One such portable home gym workout equipment is the unite pump smart pump set with a resistance band and field-oriented control motor offering benefits of the workout you do at the gym. It is easy to carry and allows you to do work from anywhere. Let’s take a deep dive to learn more about the Unitree Pump Set and how it redefines the portable fitness gym for you.

About Unitree Pump Set 

A Unitree Pump Set is motor-powered all-in-one smart portable gym equipment that provides you with controlled resistance to perform a workout. Unlike regular resistance bands that offer limited torque, these portable devices allow you to achieve maximum torque. The Unitree pump set comes with a pull rope handle, an annual fixing belt, door anchor fixing, safety buckle, 0.5m extension rope, and power out. This minimalistic smart home gym equipment can easily be anchored anywhere at the door, chair, and anything stable. With an adjustable resistance band, you can perform exercises on the majority of body muscle groups, including the legs, arms, and stomach.

It’s a perfect replacement for your existing bulky gym equipment that consumes space and is difficult to engineer to work similarly to what you perform with dumbbells, resistance bands, barbell rods, and other gym equipment.

Field-Oriented Controlled Motor to Achieve Desired Torque 

Like-minded active gym folks who want to train their muscles with additional resistance and strength, this device is for you. Unitree pump features a field- Oriented controlled motor that supports eccentric concentric training The motor allows you to adjust resistance in terms of weight from 8-44 pounds (5-10kg) and provides resistance up to 50% – helping you to train your biceps, triceps, and leg muscles with complete concentration.

On the other hand, the eccentric mode allows you to adjust the resistance from 8 pounds to 44 pounds (5-20 kg) and resistance up to 50%. With this portable home gym workout equipment, you can easily 90% of the body muscle groups. The field-oriented controlled motor works together with a resistance rope-pulled system and suction cup.

With the help of an anchor, you can easily set it at the door, chair, and other places and leverage pulley accessories to perform the exercises you’d like to train muscles. You get an ankle-fixing accessory with which you can perform leg workouts. It is easy to set up anywhere and follow your workout routine. Unitree pump is extremely travel-friendly; you can easily pack it in the accessory bag and carry it anywhere with you. The door anchor fixing accessory and fixing belt allow you to train your upper body muscles group.

Type of Exercise You Can Do With Unitree Pump

Unitree pump is the best home gym equipment in Australia that allows you to train 90% of your body muscles. With an easy device, you can easily perform the following exercise:

  • Cable leg extension to train your leg muscles
  • Dumbbell front raise to train your shoulder
  • Cable woodchoppers to train your chest muscles
  • Dumbbell curls to train your biceps
  • Cable overhead triceps extension to train your triceps
  • Dumbbell lateral raises to train shoulder
  • Seated cable row to train your back muscles.

A Free Smart Mobile Fitness App 

With pump, you can use the free fitness app “Fitness Pump, “ which provides you with 100+ free fitness tutorials that are helpful for beginners and experts. The easy tutorials allow you to perform a workout more precisely and help you with pump set-up and how to perform a great session. Users get active access to the community of other Unitree pump users that help them stay motivated for their workout session and achieve their fitness goals. What’s more, here is that you get built-in fitness games that make your workout enjoyable.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, setting up a home gym without consuming space is easy with the Unitree pump. This is a smart home gym equipment that gives you maximum workout benefits, is easy to use, travel-friendly, and, most importantly, does not dig your pocket. You’ll get access to the mobile application that allows you to perform work with utmost professionalism.

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