Best Body Places to Engrave Tattoos

6 Best Places to Engrave Tattoos On Your Body and Draw People Attention

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Best Body Places to Engrave Tattoos

The tattoo engraving craze among the young generation is growing in popularity all over the world. It has become the symbol of fashion style, lifestyle, and look more attractive. There are many reasons for tattoo’s popularity growing such as multiple tattoos improve the immune systems, tattoos help in athletics, tattoos reduce stress, tattoos provide self-esteem & confidence, describe your personality, tattoos feel good, a great way to express your emotions and feelings. Thousand of tattoo designs and styles are available like traditional tattoo style, realistic or realism, blackwork, dotwork, geometric, horror, watercolor tattoo, tribal tattoo, ornamental, new school tattoo, neo-traditional, blackwork, illustrative tattoo, Chicano, Japanese, lettering, and many more or you can customize your tattoo style according to your desire.

You may see one or two tattoos on someone’s body or others filled their full body with tattoos. Many people want to engrave a tattoo on their body part which other people can see easily. These 6 body parts are best for engraving tattoos, look more attractive plus draw others attention:

1. Wrist and Arm

Most people love to have a tattoo on their wrist or arm. The girl finds the wrist is the best place and the boys think the arm is the best place for getting a tattoo. You can engrave a name or surname, fairy tattoo, butterfly, birds, flowers, stars, or religious sign.

2. Neck

The right and left sides of the neck are a good place to show your tattoo but it can be painful because the neck area is very soft and sensitive. You may also engrave text on the neck, scary tattoos like ghost or dragon, flowers, eagle, star, sun, moon, net, and religious sign.

3. Waist or Lower Back

It is the favorite area for the girls who wear a short top to show their waist, belly, or lower back. Tattoo on the waist makes girls sexier, romantic and draws guy attention. Thousand of tattoo designs are available for the waist and lower back such as butterfly, flying birds, flowers, leaf, or Floral.

4. Back

If you wear deep back neck dresses or a guy with a broad back, you may engrave a tribal back tattoo, quote, flower, magnificent tree, butterfly, eagle, ornament, fiery heart, multiple images, or anything that suit your personality.

5. Leg

The tattoo can make your legs sexy legs. Yes, if you choose the right tattoo for your beautiful legs. The legs are the least painful area for engraving a tattoo. You may go with feather & rose tattoo, queen style, mandala, and ornamental style or messy tattoo which may be filled with flowers, snake, dragon, or ghost face.

6. Shoulder

It is another popular area for muscular and gym guys and girls. A tattoo on the shoulder is a great way to express your action and motivation. Variety of options mentioned here that will look great on any shoulder – dragon, eagle, lion, tiger, blade, tribal, religious, Celtic, Maori, angel, star, floral snack, colorful flowers, and pictures.

These are the best places on the body for engraving tattoos. I will recommend to design and draw tattoo from highly professional tattoo artist with property safety and precautions. Mostly black ink is used in the machine for tattoo engraving which is the best tattoo ink or some other ink color may be mixed according to design.

So would you like to share what tattoo do you have and which part of the body?

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