Keep Your Smile Fresh and Healthy, the Right Way

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Keep-Smile-Fresh-HealthyHaving pearly white, healthy teeth is a dedication. It requires work and care. This is true even for those of you who have been told multiple times that they have great teeth. Care is essential for keeping them that way. So, what does this process entail, really?

Brushing the right time, the right way

The general rule is to brush your teeth twice a day. While this is good advice, many tend to forget to brush their teeth at night, right before bedtime. They either forget or simply neglect. Either way, this habit will keep your mouth clean from all the plaque that was accumulated during the day.

Besides knowing when to brush, it is equally (if not more) important to know how to use your toothbrush properly. First of all, take your time and don’t ever be aggressive. Use gentle motions, and keep on going for about 3 minutes, at least. For a full effect of freshness and health – don’t forget the tongue. Plaque can be found there too, and if not treated, it can lead to bad breath and additional oral problems. Do it each time you brush your teeth.

Using the right products, the right way

The two main weapons against oral problems are your toothbrush and toothpaste. Find the products that fit your needs best. The choices are almost endless – from toothbrushes with harder bristles to ones with softer ones. From Mi paste in different tastes and sensitivity levels to the classical minty ones. Try them until you find the best ones for you. Generally, softer bristles are gentler on your teeth – but how soft, it is totally up to you.

Along with regular brushing your teeth and tongue, you must not forget flossing. It is more than just getting stuck food out from between your teeth. It is also a very healthy way to reduce plaque accumulation; it helps with inflammation and stimulates the gums.

Doing, even more, the right way

After the whole “brushing ceremony” is complete – you are supposed to wash it all off—the toothpaste, the plaque, and everything that goes with it. One way to do that is to use mouthwash. Many seem to find this addition unnecessary. Quite often, the reason for this negative notion is either misinformation about the product and its usage or just the simple need for more time spent in the bathroom.

Be that as it may, be advised – mouthwash is good for your mouth and teeth. For your overall oral health, really. Its main goal is to wash and additionally clean your mouth, providing fresh breath. Moreover, regular use of mouthwash remineralizes your teeth, and it helps reduce the level of acid found in your mouth.

And if all that is not enough – drinking water boosts your oral health too. If you acquire the habit of drinking water after every meal – you will get rid of sticky food particles that would otherwise stay on your teeth and cause damage. Water is good for your overall health as well, so it is never a bad idea to consume it.

Food, and how to choose the right way

As to what can help when choosing your food – fresh, crunchy products contain healthy fiber and are good for your teeth: a win-win scenario, health-wise. As for the bad habits and what needs to be reduced to a minimum – the solution is quite obvious for many. Cut down on sugar and, as already stated, drink water instead of sugary drinks.

After you eat sugarily, and it gets to your teeth, it will convert into acid. This acidic presence in your mouth will, in time, erode the enamel of the teeth, which will ultimately lead to cavities and painful experiences. Besides these acids, what harms the tooth enamel are acidic fruits, coffee, and, in some cases, tea. Don’t quit it all, entirely. But, be mindful of the quantity.

Do regular checkups, the right way

Everything mentioned above is what you can do daily to help keep your teeth healthy and your mouth fresh. Still, even if you do it all, these are all home remedies and precautions – and you will nonetheless need to visit the dentist. Regularly.

The bare minimum when it comes to dental checkups and cleaning is twice a year. If you experience any pain or discomfort you should go more often. As often as you need. These professionals do much more than just cavity clean up – they can foresee any potential future problems, or even warning signs for your overall health.

Let’s sum it up, the right way

Each and every one of us should take proper care of our oral health. It is important for your overall wellness, and, additionally – it helps with your confidence. Once your mouth feels clean and fresh, you will surely feel better about yourself and more ready to take on the day.

Keeping up with your dentist appointments is also a must. Yes, your everyday habits matter and have a huge impact, but a professional checkup can reveal a lot about both your oral and overall health. After following all these simple steps, you will be proud of your pearly white smile!

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