Car Covering ideas

5 Best Waterproof and Scratch-Resistant Materials for Car Cover

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Car Covering ideas

Cars constitute a big investment and some have deep sentiments toward their cars. To keep it the same as the day you bought it, investing in some material is a must. Car covers can be the best investment for you to make. Purchasing the car covers isn’t enough. You need to maintain it also, by cleaning once a week and storing them properly when not using them. In this article, we will enclose waterproof and scratch-resistant materials that you can look for while purchasing car covers.

What to look into while picking up the ideal car covers?

Worrying about the perfect material for your Car cover is practical as the choice depends upon its usage and weather. While picking up a car cover for your car you can check the below points:

  • Is the material waterproof?
  • Does the fabric is breathable?
  • Is the material scratch-resistant?
  • Anchoring straps and Elastic hem.
  • Reinforced grommets, cable locks, and clips.

5 different waterproof and highly durable car cover materials

Imitation Satin

This style of car cover is flawless for soft indoor dust protection. This material will prevent the car’s exterior parts from becoming scratchy. It protects the sensitive clear coat. The material is hard-wearing and light in weight. They are ideal for indoor storage.


The shield car cover is ultimately formed using polypropylene. Car covers made from this material offer excellent protection from both outdoor and indoor usage. It also protects the car from dust and elements. The fabric used is breathable and keeps moisture out.

Spunbond Composite

This component is used to create a car cover that protects the car in all weather conditions. It is a high-tech material that is UV and dust-resistant. The material resists moisture while staying breathable.

Aluminum and Steel Car Bonnet Covers

Car bonnet cover is largely considered by the users as it is the hinged cover that stays over the front engine of your cars. These are made up of steel or aluminum and ensure that the front end of the car is stretch and stone chips free.

Plastic Cover

If you are looking for a short-term solution then a plastic cover can be your best choice. You can use it to protect your vehicles from debris and dust that are generated from construction or nearby cleaning. They are not chosen for outdoor use. They will not provide good protection against snow or any other extreme elements of nature.

Wrapping Up!

The choice of material for car covers varies on the specific needs. You can use plastic covers if the requirement is for a shorter period.  If your location experience high temperature then you should go for Spunbond composite material for your car covers. For indoors you can choose Satin as they have a soft texture that takes the best care of the paint. They are designed ideally for luxury cars. You should always buy snug-fitting car covers and maintain the cover by cleaning the dust at least once a week.

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