Best 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Pain

Get Rid Of Neck Pain

For many people suffering from chronic Neck pain, the standard treatments of medications, ice, and heating pads are insufficient. It may take some experimentation to discover the best combination of treatments for your neck pain. Listed below are some less conventional methods for dealing with neck discomfort.

Make use of a water pad.

One of the most frequent complaints regarding chronic Neck pain is that it prevents one from sleeping well or worsens in the morning. Some people who suffer from neck pain have found that using a water pillow helps greatly. One way to adjust the firmness of a water pillow is by adding or removing water from inside it.

Seek the advice of a physical therapist

After suffering an injury, whether, through sports or an accident, many people turn to physical therapy as a form of recovery.

Try to find a chair with a headrest.

You’re putting more stress on your spine when you lean forward with your head up. Maintaining a straight posture throughout the day may help keep your head in a more comfortable, balanced position. You should consider getting a chair that includes a headrest so you can sit with your neck in a neutral position to avoid right or left side neck pain in particular. Keeping your head supported by the headrest, your ears should be above your shoulders. If you want to rest your head comfortably, use the headrests in your car and your chair. If you’re using a computer, ensure your eyes are at about the same level as the top third of the screen.

It’s too soon to write off Gua Sha just yet.

When performing gua sha, a trained professional will use a spoon to make rapid, circular motions on the affected area’s skin. These motions are intended to stimulate blood flow. Gua sha is a technique that practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine use on parts of the body where they have the presumption that blood flow is insufficient and obstructs qi (energy). 

Become submerged in the water

Many individuals who have concerns with their neck or back find that swimming is a terrific low-impact activity that they can do. The buoyancy of water reduces the pressure that is placed on the spine. If you have a problem with your neck, your primary care physician or a physical therapist will be able to advise you as to which swimming strokes you should avoid or modify.

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