Wood Used Front Backyard Decking

Best Wood that Used to Build a Front or Backyard Deck

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Wood Used Front Backyard Decking

A backyard Deck is a deck that is flat in size and gets constructed of Wood. The backyard deck can be of one level or multiple levels. It is mainly attached to the house’s first floor and sometimes linked to an upper story. Backyard decks get constructed so that the members of the house or an individual can relax and have an entertaining atmosphere.

What are the different types of Wood used to Build a Front or Backyard Deck?

The top woods which get used to building a front or backyard deck are:

1. Cedar Wood

It is a coniferous wood. One can find cedar wood in high altitude areas. The color of the cedar wood is very beautiful and attractive. It is red paint. The life span of cedar wood is almost around 15 to 20 years. It is best to construct or build a front or backyard deck.

2. Ipe

It is a block of exotic wood located in South America. The ipe wood is tough, strong, and natural in texture. It is the densest Wood of any other existing tool. It is a wood that is five times harder than any other wood. In the world ratio of hardest Wood, Ipe is also in the list, in the 10th number. It is the best Wood for constructing or building front or backyard decks.

3. Redwood

Redwood is also known as Sequoioideae and is located in the northern hemisphere. When the redwood gets used to construct or build a front or backyard deck, it will last approximately 30 years if it is well maintained. It is a wood that can resist fire.

4. Mahogany

The mahogany wood color – red comes with a mixture of brown. It is very flexible, which means it can bend easily while building anything from mahogany wood. It is vital, and its durability is very high. It is under the category of one of the best woods to build or construct a front or backyard deck.

The front or the backyard deck can only get constructed or built by the deck builders. Deck builders are carpenters who get specialized in building or constructing front or backyard decks with Wood in a blink of an eye.


Apart from these four kinds of Wood, many different types of wood get used to construct or build a front or backyard deck. Every Wood has its specialty and uniqueness, a very beautiful color. But IPE wood is one of the best Wood to construct or build a house’s front or backyard. Do pick up that wood that caters to your needs efficiently.

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