Inspiring Ideas: Small Backyards, Huge Possibilities to Transform


Although they are often perceived as demanding and difficult to design, many homeowners find small backyards and gardens not less pleasurable than extensive landscapes. There are several key features that can make a small backyard big in style and versatility.

Stick to a Simple Color Scheme

The garden décor and planting pot’s design and colors should be simple. An abundance of accents and overtly diverse flora can make a small place look messy and crowded. Just a few colors and garden fixtures will do the trick. In this sense, you need to bring bold, bright colors forward, where they will catch the spectator’s attention, helping the rest of the garden to lose in the distance. Many small garden design ideas sprout from the need to create an optical illusion of a bigger space.

Low Maintenance Plants

Your backyard might be small, but taking care of the plants and lawn is nonetheless demanding. In order to fully appreciate your green retreat, make such an organization that your gardening chores are kept to a minimum. In this sense, you will want a couple of low-maintenance pot plants that won’t grow more than 2-3 feet, so they are easy to move.

Porch Position

If you place your deck in a traditional way, as an extension of the house is not the best idea here, especially if there are plants blocking the view of the rest. Instead, you may want to consider a gazebo that will take advantage of the backyard’s longest dimension, providing a clear view. The deck builders can help to install a wooden floor in the porch.

Include Stylish Elements

A simple wooden pergola can do wonders for your small garden. Pergolas and arbors are classic landscaping elements that serve to round up the perspective. They are greatly complemented with small trees, shrubs, and pieces of garden art.

Body of Water

Another way to make your backyard more attractive and luxurious – is a small plunge pool. It will be a joyful addition for the whole family and irresistible for entertaining guests as well for romantic encounters. Choose one with an organic shape, either sunken into the deck or raised above ground level. Mediterranean-style walk-in pool with stone elements will add some old-world charm to your landscape.

Tricks for Bigger Space Illusion

Outdoor furniture pieces with thin frames and lean bodies can make even a small patio or porch look more spacious. Draw inspiration from French bistros, where a lot of people have to sit in a small space. Bistro-style furniture is perfect for small gardens, corners, and porches. Another interesting option is a wooden storage container that can double as a built-in bench.


Also, you can create an illusion of a bigger landscape by combining a series of separate compact garden areas. They create a sense of perspective so that the smaller one seems to be more distant. You can even use a low fence that slants towards the far end, creating the illusion of distance, which can be complemented on the other side by repeating rows of flowers.

Tight constraints of small area landscaping set constant challenges to homeowners and designers to come up with creative and innovative solutions. If you think that your backyard lacks space, there are countless ideas and styles for arranging a highly customized decorative small garden setup.

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