BFP Fire Safety Tips: How To Protect Your Home and Family

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Fire incidents are a bitter reality for many as they have lost almost everything in a fire breakout. There are over a million reported fire cases in the US that result in an estimated property loss in the billions. Other than property loss, fire fatalities include civilian injury and death all happening within every 35 minutes to 2 and a half hours. All that can be avoided with BFP Fire Safety Tips!

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) reports that even though home fires make up about 74% of the deaths, fire deaths in commercial venues are in no mean less. During BFP’s Fire Prevention Month program authorities end up inspecting business establishments as well as dormitories more as fire safety is a great issue in high-density establishments.

To ensure that your residential and commercial estates remain fire-free following tips provided by BFP or Bureau of Fire Protection are a must. But that does not mean that you should not be mindful of your actions. Here is how –

1. Emergency Escape

Having a device or structure attached to the side of a building is a must! An outside stairway erected for an emergency exit comes across as a blessing especially during the event of a fire. It is important to invest in one as they are the best chance you have before you to save your life in case of an emergency evacuation.

2. Know the Numbers

It is not really up for debate! If there is, in fact, a fire break out in your office an escape route would save your life but what about all the various other things. Your office is filled with documents that are the means of your future income.

Not only can that even in the most efficient evacuation have causalities. Informing your local fire authorities is the way to go in this situation. Having their contact numbers would make it possible for you to do so easily!

3. Unplug

Whether you want to save some bills or stop unexpected catastrophes unplug is the way to go! Unplugging your devices would serve you more purpose than one. You may not realize it but your devices draw in a lot of charge from your circuits even when they are not in use.

This would not only increase your electricity bills but also increase the chances of getting short-fused. There is no guarantee of it ever happening but there is a high probability of it happening. All it takes is one short spark and your hard work would turn to ashes. Stop it from happening to unplug your device!

4. No Multiple

It is best to refrain from using octopus connections as a part of your residential or commercial estates. Octopus connections happen when multiple cords are thrust into an electric device that is designed to charge up only one or two devices at a time. It is a disaster that is waiting to happen. While the idea of having a device handling it all sounds good and simple but that is not the case.

It is important to remember that since the device was meant to support only one or two devices, they are not equipped to do more. Putting in more plugs that it can handle would only enhance its chances of getting short-fused. Extension cords are ideal for temporary use only; regular use would transform them into great fire hazards. Not very ideal!

5. Untangle the Cables

Cables are a part of every dwelling residential as well as commercial nature. With over-use, the long and loose cables are bound to show wear and tear. These tears are immediately fixed with the help of the trusted electrical tape and this is exactly where the danger lies.

Even though it is a great stop-gap continued use of the cables and wires wrapped in the electrical tape are not very ideal. They are the biggest hazards and proponents of electric fire that makes it all the more necessary to get replaced. It is also cheap to do so at the very inception!

6. Gas Leaks

Accidents can take place at any time and place but in most cases, it can certainly be avoided. Take the dreaded gas leak for instance. You may think that they have done it all to avoid any accidents but disaster may strike you for the most unknown reasons. Thus when it comes to avoiding gas-related discrepancies let your nose lead the way.

You can look for the tell-tale signs of leaks and fumes. If there is a leak in the LPG tanks then your nose is the best possible guide you have to lead the way. But thankfully it is nothing to worry about the air can be cleared with adequate ventilation. If the worse comes to pass giving a call to your local fire authorities would do the work for you.

7. No smoking in ‘No Smoking’ Out

Signs are put before you for a reason! It is not at all ideal for you to smoke in places where “No Smoking” signs are posted. It is not only disrespectful but also extremely risky. You may not think so but by smoking in public you are risking the life others around you who are not doing anything wrong.

Most places that put up the sign of ‘No Smoking’ are offices or gas stations. It is not at all ideal to smoke in your workplace as you may put others in danger of getting lung cancer. It is not at all smart to smoke in gas stations as all it takes is a small flake to fall in the wrong pit to everything getting blown up.

Smoking is injurious for you in more ways than you often realize!

8. ‘No Smoking’ in Bed

It is understandable for chain smokers to feel the need for good smoke right before they go to sleep but it is not ideal to do it in your bed. It is best to smoke outside before going to bed as you would be putting yourself at great risk if you choose not to do so.

Just think of it this way, you light your cigarette and lie down in your bed as you are feeling very tired. The fatigue of yours that you have been holding the entire day sets in. You fall asleep as you should but you have a lit cigarette in your mouth while you do so.

You would make it all the more possible to burn yourself. Thus be mindful that you dampen your cigarette in an ashtray before you dose off. This is the best way to avoid any unwanted accidents.

9. Dispose of the cigarette butts

Throwing away lighted cigarette butts without taking in the proper measures to care for it, is on way smart. But sadly not many realize how dangerous it is. If not for you but for other people as all it takes is for one lighted cigarette butt to roll over and land on a stack of paper or dried leaves. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Dampening cigarette butts is thus a must before throwing them away into the garbage. It is the safest way to do so not only for you but also for others. It will only take up a few seconds of your time.

10. Never Leave Lighted Coils Unattended

While lighting katol or coils near or under your beds and curtains are great to rid of the mosquito but not keeping an eye on them may just spell danger. As they say, too much of a good thing may just be harmful and the lighted coils have the potential to burn down your home.

All it takes is a random gush of wind coming in and sweeping your beddings and curtains off their feet. If the gentle blow gets them within the reach of the coil can turn in to fire hazard. If your beddings or curtains are synthetic then it would lead on to something bigger.

Rather than lighting a coil and leaving them be, choose the spot that you wish to place it with care to avoid an unwanted catastrophe!

11. Look While You Cook

This may look like a weird but you do burn yourself while cooking quite a lot, hence, cooking is just as hazardous as any other on the list of BFP. But thankfully, you can avoid it by endorsing a few safety measures. All you need to do is be mindful of your actions!

Starting from the amount of cooking oil that you would be using to cook to the oven you would use for it. Try to limit the use of oil to 1/3 of the pan for cooking but if you have to use a larger amount try to cover your pan with a lid. This way you can avoid any bad repercussions.

Try to use one or two burners at a time only. The use of multiple burners at the same time would make it impossible for you to cook. It is a burn waiting to happen as you work so close to the fire. Either be prepared to be burnt or be mindful of your action!

12. Candles Unattended

It is not the best idea to leave lighted candles unattended in any place but imagine leaving them close to the curtain decorated the open window. While candles are romantic and idealistic to set the mood but they are great fire hazards, as well.

It is hazardous to keep clothes, upholstery, dry plants, decorations as well as other flammable items near a lit candle stand. If you want to have a great time without incidents then use a sturdy candleholder that is either glass or ceramic, in nature.

13. Out of Reach

Everyone agrees that keep flammables away from the reach of everyone, especially little children. Kids of all ages are highly curious about everything they see but when they are in their infancy they are much more prone to burn incidents. They dab and grab just about everything that catches their attention and once they start to crawl the world becomes their oyster.

Sadly, not everything they hold or try to touch is safe and thus it is important to be mindful of what they are doing. But it is not as difficult as it seems! All you need to do is keep flammable materials like lighters, matches, chemicals, candles, hot pots, and pans out of their reach.

14. Storing Right

While many would disagree with it being a fire hazard but neglecting proper storage might just land you in a lot of trouble. While putting in the right type of storage for every item is important to get the right storage for the right materials especially for the combustible ones.

Materials like clothes, papers, and curtains are highly flammable materials, and storing them right is important as otherwise they would perish in the fire. Storing them in cardboard boxes is not ideal but it is also important to place them into ventilated places as well as in the corner furthest from the kitchen. If you are mindful of this you would not have any unhappy incident in your hand.

15. Being a good housekeeper

Be it in your home or office good housekeeping is critical to prevent fire hazards in places. Ignoring the requirement of doing so would lead to an escalated number of accidents resulting in burn injuries and property loss.

Keeping the materials in your commercial and residential facility organized would assist you in maintaining the overall safety of your employees as well as your family. The best way to maintain the safety of your premises is to remove materials that trigger fire with the right housekeeping routine.

Being at the top of things would keep you in the clear of any fire hazard!

If you disagree with us about any of the above-mentioned points for safety hazards, here is a list of official fire safety tips offered by the BFP to avoid a burn-down:

  • No smoking in bed
  • Before discarding a cigarette crush the butts thoroughly
  • Do not throw highly flammable materials into wastebaskets as it may lead to a fire break out in the bin
  • Do not store any volatile liquid in your house
  • Keep flammable materials like lighters, matches, chemicals, candles, hot pots, and pans out of children’s reach
  • Do not use open flames as home decors
  • Extinguish the fire of every burner and gas stove in your kitchen after your cooking is done
  • Inspect your kitchen before retiring for the night
  • Clean your gas stones and burners regularly
  • Check thoroughly for leakage through wear and tear
  • It is better to invest in gas lines rather than opting for tanks
  • Keep an eye out for damaged sockets, frayed wiring, broken switches as well as other defective fixtures
  • Change or repair the electrical fixtures immediately when you spot the damage
  • Do not run your electrical cords under the rugs
  • Get the electrical changes, repairs or installations done by licensed electricians only
  • Keep the cords of portable appliances short
  • Do not overload your electrical circuits by using in extra lights as well as application
  • Do not place combustible materials near bulbs


It is important to realize that BFP Fire Safety Tips though seem very mundane are extremely beneficial in preventing fire breakouts or incidents. Check out the fire safety precautions tips to prevent fire at the workplace. These simple rules or tips would not only see to the safety of your residential or commercial premises but also keeps your track record clean. This helps you get better insurance for your facilities at monthly rates that are lesser than you think. This is the great result of keeping a watchful eye on fire safety.

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