Boost Engagements Online Lecture

Tips And Tricks To Boost Engagements In Online Lecture for Higher Secondary Students

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Boost Engagements Online Lecture

Online Education is not a very familiar concept, not at least the one which is known and understood by everyone. Traditional Physical Education methods have been in tradition for quite a very long time, and almost everyone in the world is familiar with those methods. They know that, they understand that. But since people have no other choice but to adapt, learn and understand the new way, which is the Online (virtual) methods of Education due to the whole COVID-19 situation. Students, Teachers, and Parents are trying to understand and adapt to the new way. However, it is not that easy to adapt a whole new concept that easily so soon. Children these days are well aware of technology, they understand it well, but they must have never thought that one day they’ll be entirely dependent on technology for the continuity of their Education. But now that the situation demands that, they have no other option but to include the method of online education in their lifestyle.

In my opinion, I think it’s slightly more challenging for teachers than students to understand the online methods of teaching because due to the major generation gap somewhere or the other not all adults understand technology so well, they sure are trying their levels best but it becomes a bit tricky for them to understand the concepts and then take the responsibility of students’ performance on their shoulders. It becomes too much for them when they try to understand a whole new concept then to take that in use, and then to make sure that their students are engaging in classes.

There are every type of students available in a classroom batch, some are extremely sincere and some are notorious, In physical classes it’s easy to maintain the decorum of a class, but teachers face a lot of problems in an online class. Even though they try their level best they lack the liberty of some particular actions due to certain directed features like access to microphones, webcams and technical glitches. The situation becomes helpless for teachers sometimes but they never give up, they try to make their teaching better and effective for their students.

The most challenging task for an online class tutor for 1st class is engaging students in classes. The fact it requires a lot of struggle to make an online lecture interactive especially for tutors, Their task isn’t just to deliver the lectures, they also need to make sure that students are interacting and learning in the class.

There are a few tips and tricks which can help the teachers and students for better engagement in online lectures.

  • It is the responsibility of both students and teachers to create a healthy learning environment in the class. They must take it as seriously as a physical class and they must maintain the decorum in the classes.
  • Students and Teachers should have an understanding relationship and good communication. It is extremely important to engage students in classes. Teachers should make sure their students trust them, and they don’t hesitate in classes. They should create a comfortable environment for both parties.
  • Lessons should be well designed and prepared. Teachers should make their lessons as attractive and interactive as they can in order to seek students’ attention in classes.
  • Teachers should organise interesting fun activities for students in class, because believe it or not online or distance learning becomes very interesting with such activities irrespective of the age group of students.
  • Try to give something out of the box to your students, it’s obvious that you’re primarily available to help them with their syllabic studies, but help them to explore something beyond that, organise Guest E-lectures for them so that they can seek some information and guidance. Such activities help the students to explore their options. Try to educate them on the topics which are not a part of their syllabus but can help them in the long term, this way they will show their interest in classes and hence the better engagement in the class.
  • Ask random questions relating to the topics you’ve already taught, even if they can’t answer them at that moment the re-opening of the topic can help the students to clear their doubts.
  • If you’re taking a group class keep asking questions to your teachers or students to endure their attentiveness in the class, even if not a question related to the syllabus constantly pinging them on anything just to make sure they are listening and understanding whatever is discussed in the class.
  • Organise periodic tests, quizzes to keep a track on your student’s online learning and growth.
  • Students should also understand their tutors and should cooperate and create a disciplinary environment in the class.

These were some online teaching tips and tricks to create student engagement in online learning. Teachers can implement these in their lessons but students must also cooperate and make an effort for better learning. Online learning is a very convenient method and can help an individual a lot. It just requires the right amount of effort, attention and engagement and then it becomes as good as traditional physical methods, sometimes even better than them. So

  • If you’re willing to ask questions in lectures, ask them to your tutors.
  • Test your students.
  • Make an effort.
  • Understand, learn.

Do whatever it takes just make sure you’re achieving your goals.

  • Don’t hesitate in troubling your tutors with your questions, the more you ask the better you learn.

Just give your level best and the results will be served according to the same.


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