Calming Color Schemes for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Entryway

Calming Color Schemes

Your home is your sanctuary and where you go to relax after a long day of work. You want it to be a special place that brings a sense of peace and calm to you and your family members.

A great way to create a continuous feeling of calm in your home is through deliberate interior painting choices and matching décor. There are a few different color schemes that will work best in each room of your house.

Take the time to learn more about what these suggestions are so you can create a soothing environment where you live.

Keep in mind that paint colors look one way in the store and online than they will on your walls. It’s a wise idea to take samples home and give them a try so you can see what the color will look like before applying it all over.

Living Room

To create a calming living room, you’re going to want to pick one color that’s sophisticated and elegant for your walls. Light to moderate gray tones are the perfect foundation for any living area.

If you’re going to paint the trim, make sure it’s the same color or one shade lighter than the color you choose for your walls.

Covering your walls in a beautiful and attractive shade of gray will give you plenty of room to play around with your décor.

You may want to add a pop of color to increase the attractiveness of the room. Use a throw blanket or your couch pillows to achieve this goal.

Most importantly, choose a comfortable and cozy carpet in a warm oatmeal shade to tie the room together.


Your bedroom is a space that should not only have a personalized feel, but that should be nice and calming too.

You’ll sleep better at night and slow a racing mind when you take time to decorate your bedroom with the right touches of color.

A good color scheme for a peaceful bedroom will entail a mix of stress-reducing hues such as blues and greens. Keep away from warmer tones that tend to cause you to feel energized and awake.

Make your bedding the focal point and then harmonize the base colors you choose appropriately, such as adding in neutral touches with your window treatments and flooring selections.


Your kitchen is one room in your home where you and your family members likely spend a lot of time. You want to feel at ease when you’re in the midst of cooking and preparing your meals.

Design a calming and soothing kitchen space by using colors that are simple and appealing. For example, start by choosing a soft shade for your cabinets that you can work with as a base.

Ivory or taupe are both excellent choices to begin your decorating journey. Fill in the gaps by choosing an Earth Tone palette for your countertops and backsplash and installing stainless-steel appliances.

Finish off the room with white wood blinds and a soothing tile or vinyl floor in a neutral color.


You want your bathroom to be bright, clean, and perfectly soothing. Turn to pale shades for your walls that remind you of a peaceful place such as the spa or a garden.

Go the extra mile to design a Zen style bathroom by bringing in a sense of the outdoors to your space with live plants and rustic wood elements.

Then use white towels and rugs to keep the room simple yet sophisticated. Bring in elements of the beach with a sandy color countertop and hang seashells on the wall to remind you of the way you feel when you’re in nature.

Choose colors for your paint and décor that automatically draw you into those feelings you get when you’re well-rested and in a state of peace.


The entryway is the first place a visitor sees when they come into your home. You want it to be welcoming and to give off a sense of serene stillness right away.

Stay away from anything that may be too overpowering or bold and loud such as reds and dark pinks.

Go for a shade of white that has a tint to it, so your entrance isn’t too harsh and stark. You want to keep the colors soft and light and the décor simple yet stylish.

Think about adding a piece of furniture such as a console table or small bench and lighting up this space with a chandelier or candles. You can also think about putting down a patterned entryway rug in a light gray or pale purple color.


Decorating your home in a calming color scheme is very doable when you’re open and flexible with your approach. Put these tips into practice in your own home and notice what a difference these touches make to how you feel each day. The ambiance you create should allow you to experience a sense of relaxation and calm the instant you enter each room of your house.

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