The French Perfume Makers of Grasse -Marketing French Scents in Multiple Languages

French Perfume Makers Grasse

Of all the five senses bestowed by nature on the human body, the sense of smell stands out as being the most intriguing, and most thought-provoking in the way it connects, or relates one to the living environment one inhabits, especially telling is the way that scents and smells, evoke or trigger memories from the past. And the city of Grasse’s big connection is with the smell of the best scents in the world, being located on the French Rivera, Grasse happens to be at the heart of the world’s burgeoning perfume industry.

The town of Grasse, long reputed to be at the center of the French perfume industry, accounting for nearly half of France’s perfume and fragrance output, is a hilly town, perched amongst the hills in the north of the world famous Mediterranean city of Cannes. It enjoys the enviable position within the perfume industry as being home to some of the best fragrance companies in the world. The hilly terrain surrounding Grasse is a boon for farmers growing such flower varieties as Jasmine, Lavender, Rose which serve as high quality ingredients to those world famous scents, found in all kinds of perfumed products from Grasse – ranging from soaps, deodorants to body lotions.

And business for the Grasse perfumeries, once dominated by clients from Germany, Netherlands, the United States, has recently been over-taken by business enquiries and customers, turning up at all manner of big and small fragrance companies, originating from the Far East – almost equally so from parts of China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. This has led at least quite a few enquiries for language enabling the official websites of some very well renowned perfume makers, to further enhancing their respective websites with the corresponding languages. Requirements which have been duly attended to by our translators at our Centre for Dubai Translation Services, besides marketing collateral and content for social media, all in the above mentioned oriental languages. And it has been the most interesting assignments, in describing European scents in the most vivid and colorful manner across to ever eager wholesale buyers and consumers from far off lands, attracted to Grasse by its very beautiful lure of scents.

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